Friday, October 31, 2008

Last One Standing - Episode 21

Sing Hei and Kelly asked Dai Gao out for drinks at a bar. There, Sing Hei played for Dai Gao the recording of him speaking to Lap Yin about the Jack Tung case. Dai Gao realised that the one who accepts bribes is Lap Yin. Sing Hei also explained to Dai Gao on how he planned to trap Lap Yin but it was foiled because Lap Yin thought he has an affair with Pui Ka. Sing Hei guessed correctly that Lap Yin will not accept the bribe for this case. Kelly also agreed saying that Lap Yin used HKD 2,000,000 of company funds to compensate the victims.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

Sing Hei force some fear into Dai Gao, saying that Lap Yin will not let him go easily as he is also involved in the Jack Tung case. Sing Hei advised Dai Gao to take his report back from Lap Yin's office. Sing Hei also asked for Dai Gao help to sue Lap Yin.

Sing Hei went to visit Pui Ka. She is still having nightmares after the kidnapping by Lap Yin. Sing Hei sat by Pui Ka's bedside and watch her sleep as Kuen Jie went out to buy some stuff. Kelly is having flu. She called Sing Hei to buy some medicine for her but Sing Hei says he is busy so she has to wait for a while. Pui Ka woke up from a nightmare but is glad that Sing Hei is there to accompany her.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

While Pui Ka is sleeping, Sing Hei whispered to her that he will always take care of her, in the past, now and for the future! Actually Pui Ka was not sleeping and she heard what Sing Hei said. When Sing Hei realised that, he took the chance to tell Pui Ka how he really felt towards her. Pui Ka actually had some feelings for Sing Hei too but she realised that Kelly still likes Sing Hei a lot, so she turned him away.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

After consulting with his lawyers, Sing Hei told Dai Gao that he needs to get the Jack Tung file from Lap Yin come what may! Dai Gao sneaked into Lap Yin's office to take the file but didn't manage to do so as there are security cameras. He then called Fiona from inside the toilet to discuss. Fiona advised him not to take the documents but Lap Yin heard his conversation from outside the toilet stall.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

Lap Yin called Dai Gao a betrayer, just like Sing Hei. Dai Gao said he is under a lot of pressure as he is the one who managed the Jack Tung case. Lap Yin then decided to pay Dai Gao off. He gave Dai Gao HKD 100,000 to leave Hong Kong with Fiona. He asked Dai Gao to treat the money as a wedding gift from him to them.

Dai Gao told Sing Hei that he didn't manage to take the documents back but promised to do that soon. Sing Hei asked Dai Gao if anything else was troubling him as Dai Gao was sweating profusely, but Dai Gao denied. Fiona and Dai Gao decided to leave leave for Japan the next day and they agreed to meet at the airport.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

Kelly secretly informed Sing Hei that she heard Fiona and Dai Gao are planning to leave Hong Kong. She then called Lap Yin to tell him that she has already informed Sing Hei about Dai Gao and Fiona's intention to leave Hong Kong. [Boy, this is now confusing!] Kelly choose to betray Sing Hei (and Pui Ka) because she found out that Sing Hei lied to her. She called Sing hei to ask him his location and he said he was at the streets but she saw him coming out of Pui Ka's house. Pui Ka also lied to Kelly saying that she didn't see Sing Hei at all. Kelly finally realised that all along, Sing Hei likes Pui Ka.

Sing Hei went to Dai Gao's house to look for him. Lap Yin secretly tailed him. Dai Gao was about to get into a taxi when Sing Hei reached his house. He quickly got in and asked the driver to speed away but Sing Hei gave chase! Thanks to some hilly therein and slopes, Sing Hei managed to cut through a short cut and stop the taxi. Dai Gao got off and they argued.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

Dai Gao admit that he was unable to help Sing Hei but Sing Hei begged him to do so. Dai Gao said although Sing Hei is his buddy, he is indebted to Lap Yin. When Sing Hei couldn't talk senses into Dai Gao, they started to fight. Sing Hei hit Dai Gao with a rock and Dai Gao fainted. Sing Hei leaves the area.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

After Sing Hei has left the area, Lap Yin appeared and tried to finish off Sing Hei's task. He wanted to kill Dai Gao but Dai Gao woke up. Dai Gao asked him why he was there and Lap Yin said he needs to help Sing Hei finish his job, just like 10 years ago. Dai Gao begged Lap Yin not to kill him but Lap Yin said Dai Gao needs to die for his plan to go on. He also revealed that Kelly is on his side. Kelly was the one who informed him that Dai Gao and Sing Hei initially planned to trap him. Lap Yin knows that Sing Hei is a rash and hot-headed person and he needs to take advantage if it.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

As Lap Yin was about to hit Dai Gao with the rock, the police team arrived. It turned out that in his plan to trap sing Hei, Sing hei managed to turn it around and trap Lap Yin instead. This time Sing Hei was not hot-headed nor rash, he planned and coordinate with the police. Lap Yin has no where to run and he is caught in the act. He vowed that even if he die, he will not be caught by the police! With that he turned and jumped into the sea.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 21

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sugar said...

Loved the bit where all the police comes out! :D Cannot wait for today's final episode!

admin said...

I honestly did not expect Lap Yin to jump into the sea. I thought he will be caught by will attempt to escape.