Saturday, November 1, 2008

TVB Anniversary Dinner Party

The filming for TVB's Anniversary Dinner Party was held recently. Among those who attended the filming are the cast of Moonlight Resonance - Ha Yu, Raymond Lam, Lee Si Kei and Linda Chung, as well as Sunny Chan, Derek Kwok and Ron Ng.

2008 TVB 41st Anniversary Awards Dinner Party

There were numerous reports of Ha Yu and Raymond Lam not getting along well. However all those negative reports were put to rest when Ha Yu and Raymond was seen joking with each other. They also obliged photographers with many photographs together. Ha Yu was questioned if Raymond's nomination pose a big treat to him, he said, "Not threatening, this time it's not a one on one competition, even if we didn't have Raymond Lam it doesn't mean that I will definitely get the award, one died out there will be others. Each nomination is very powerful.

2008 TVB 41st Anniversary Awards Dinner Party
Ha Yu and Raymond Lam: Friends or Foes?

Raymond admit that he has looked at the polls online, and he appeared to be leading, but is not convinced that the results will remain that way. He felt that every nominee is strong and is a "rival". Clarifying about the dinner that he supposedly treat TVB executives to in order to guarantee his win, Raymond said, "Oh its related to it? Aiya, I didn't even talk about it and I already had the dinner!" Raymond further explained that he dinner was to discuss his work schedule and there's nothing more about the simple dinner.

Lee Si Kei, a strong contender for the TV Queen award, said TVB should have cheaper dinner parties so that artistes can save money and use those spare cash for advertisements to garner votes.

Source: Mingpao,, takungpao, wenweipo with original translation by aZnangel @ AsianEU


nikkie said...

I hope that Ray will win! I *heart* Goon Ga Jai!

nich said...

Yes Ray is good but erm... what's with the picture of him and Ha Yu? three quarter pants with black shoes without socks!!?!?!? Errr... Ray's gotta get himself a new stylist!