Friday, October 31, 2008

TVB Anniversary Awards, Strong Contestants for TV Queen

TVB's 41st Anniversary Awards is fast approaching. This year, there are 10 nominees for the Best Actress Award. All the three main leads from Moonlight Resonance - Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim are among the nominees. Their roles in Moonlight Resonance are all TV Queen material.

2008 TVB 41st Anniversary Awards Best Actress Nominee

The Best Actress Award category sees some tough fight. The three Moonlight Resonance leading ladies are expected to face tough competition from Liza Wang (War of in-laws 2) and Charmaine Sheh (Forensic Heroes 2). Other nominees in this category include Nancy Sit in The Silver Chamber of Sorrows, Shereen Tang in Your Class or Mine, Linda Chung in A Journey Called Life, Sonija Kwok in D.I.E. and Kate Tsui in Speech of Silence.

Lee Si Kei avoided naming her toughest competitor for the TV Queen award, but named her choice for TV King - Ha Yu! Lee Si Kei said, "Ha Yu acted his role out really well. As for Moses Chan, he put in a lot of effort for his role in "Moonlight Resonance". When I first looked at the script, his role didn't seem very unique. He also asked me for advice on how he should act out his role. In the end, he was able to act out his character very well, and brought life to it. Raymond Lam's role is also good, as well as the other male leads, so competition is very tight!"

Source: Mingpao
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