Sunday, October 26, 2008

Last One Standing - Episode 19

Pui Ka requested some insurance information from Kit Yee. Kit Yee has the information but she couldn't print it as her printer is spoilt. Pui Ka offered to help her repair the printer. The printer is placed in Sing Hei's room. Leaving Pui Ka to repair the printer, Kit Yee goes to the shops to buy A4 paper. Once Pui Ka finished repairing the printer, she printed a test page. The printer has some markings when printing and the markings are similar to the ones she saw on the anonymous letter sent to her. Pui Ka knows that the anonymous person is Sing Hei.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 19

Pui Ka couldn't wait for Kit Yee to return, so she left first. On the way she saw Sing Hei. She confronted his motives and actions in sending the documents. Sing Hei wants her to see who the real "Tong Lap Yin" is. Pui Ka says she doesn't believe Sing Hei. She feels that Sing Hei is out to sabotage her relationship with Lap Yin. Sing Hei says she can say anything but deep down she knows that the evidence are pointing out the truth and that Lap Yin is not a good man. Sing Hei also tell Pui Ka that he already has a plan set up to trap Lap Yin. He plans to go with Lap Yin to meet Jack Tung and he will record their conversation as proof.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 19

Unfortunately, Sing Hei's plans didn't materialize. His talk with Pui Ka was witnessed by Kit Yee who misunderstood the two of them having a relationship behind Lap Yin's back. Kit Yee called Lap Yin to inform him and Lap Yin felt that Sing Hei had betrayed him. Lap Yin fired Sing Hei and asked security to escort him out of the office.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 19

Pui Ka asked Lap Yin to meet her to discuss their relationship. Lap Yin misunderstands that Pui Ka avoid him because of Sing Hei but Pui Ka denied. She also returned the engagement ring to Lap Yin, and turn down his marriage proposal. Pui Ka says she can't share her life with someone as fake as Lap Yin. She noticed the changes in Lap Yin after the death of Fei Ba. Pui Ka will also transfer to Beijing to work. She also paid Lap Yin back HKD 400,000, the money he lent her sister. Lap Yin vowed to hunt her to the ends of the earth and will make sure that she marries him!

Last One Standing TVB Episode 19

Kelly called Sing Hei out to pass him the cheque for his last salary. Sing Hei took the chance to break up with her. Kelly refused to break up and promised to change for Sing Hei. Sing Hei told her it's useless as he doesn't love her at all. Sing Hei admits that he got close to Kelly to spy on Lap Yin and to steal company secrets.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 19

Lap Yin cannot find Pui Ka so he asked for Kit Yee's help. Kit Yee sympathises with him and used Sing Hei's phone to SMS Pui Ka. Pui Ka went to the meeting place and instead of finding Sing Hei there. Lap Yin appeared. Lap Yin begged her to stay with him but she refused and pushed Lap yin away. Lap Yin then used a piece of wood and hit her from behind. Pui Ka fainted.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 19

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