Friday, October 24, 2008

Last One Standing - Episode 16

Sing Hei invite Lap Yin to visit Grandma at the hospital together. Sing Hei informed Lap Yin that Grandma rushed to meet him because Grandma wanted to pass him the DVD which contains evidence of Lap Yin transferring money from Fei Ba's will into his personal account. Sing Hei assured Lap Yin that he "knows" Lap Yin is doing his best for the family and his company. Sing Hei told Lap Yin he doesn't think it's wrong for Lap Yin to use Fei Ba's money to help the company stay afloat during tough times. Sing Hei also assured Lap Yin that he doesn't keep a copy of the DVD.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

Grandma wakes up and questioned Sing Hei if he has passed the DVD to the police. Lap Yin then showed Grandma that he has the DVD. Grandma was very disappointed in Sing Hei, saying that he had betrayed her trust! Grandma started to yelled at Lap Yin and suddenly stopped breathing. Grandma has died!

It was Kelly's birthday. She invited Sing Hei to spend the day with her but he didn't show up. But as she was leaving the restaurant, Sing Hei appeared. He told her he was late because Grandma had just passed away. She consoled Sing Hei and he hugged her. They both start dating. Sing Hei wants to keep their relationship private and asked Kelly not to inform anyone in the office. Although Kelly appeared unhappy with that, she agreed.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

Leng Ma fell further into depression after the death of Grandma. Her Parkinson's disease deteriorated rapidly and her emotion is constantly affected. Alex helped Hoi Man to research and found a new treatment technique in US. Hoi Man excitedly informed Lap Yin of the treatment but Lap Yin coldly brushed her off as the cost is high. He said he is worried if Hoi Man and Leng Ma go for treatment on their own as they are both women, and he can't leave his business in Hong Kong.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

Pui Ka invite Sing Hei and Kelly to join her and Lap Yin for dinner but they both decline. Later on, Pui Ka and Lap Yin saw the two of them dating at the cinema and teased them about it. Pui Ka told Sing Hei that she is really happy for him as he has finally found love. She warned him not to hurt Kelly, though.

Lap Yin gave Hoi Man a day off work as it was her 21st birthday. Lap Yin secretly plan a surprise birthday party for Hoi Man. Hoi Man told everyone that her wish is for Leng Ma to quickly go to US to get treatment for her illness. Lap Yin offer to buy her a huge present no matter how much it costs. Hoi Man said she is now 21 and wants her share of Fei Ba's fortune.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

Lap Yin was reluctant to give the money to Hoi Man. He came up with the excuse that he used the money to invest but end up losing. The two siblings ended up screaming at each other and Hoi Man stormed out from the restaurant.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

The next day, after Lap Yin has left for work, Hoi Man moved out from their house with Leng Ma. They temporary stay at a hotel. Lap Yin explained to Pui Ka and Sing Hei that the stocks he invested in has dropped a few rungs. He needs to hold on to the stocks that's why he cannot give Hoi Man the money. If he sell the stocks now then they will lose all of Fei Ba's money. Sing Hei offers to talk to Hoi Man.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

Lap Yin canceled all of Hoi Man's credit cards. She ran out of money to pay for her lodging. With no one to turn to, she called Sing Hei for help. Sing Hei went to meet Hoi Man but called Lap Yin along. Lap Yin ordered Hoi Man and Leng Ma to move back home but Hoi Man refused.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 16

Hoi Man and Leng Ma went to the bank to withdraw money from leng Ma's account but the amount left in the account is very little. Lap Yin has withdrawn most of the money. The bank can't act against Lap Yin as he has the right to withdraw money as it is a joint account between him and Leng Ma.

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nikkie said...

Why!!??!! Why did SingHei betray Mandy and Grandma... :O

admin said...

Sing Hei needed to "betray" them because he has to gain Lap Yin's trust! He needs Lap Yin to view him as an ally so that he can exert his revenge.

nich said...

actually sing hei consulted with his lawyer about the dvd but it is not a strong evidence. so sing hei use it to his advantage: to gain lap yin's trust.