Monday, October 13, 2008

Last One Standing - Episode 12

Sing Hei took the tapes with the recordings to show Keen Yip, both plan to pass the tapes to the police. Sing Hei has a chance to appeal for his criminal record to be expunged. Keen Yip played the recording again to listen but accidentally jammed the cassette. Sing Hei asked him to fix the tapes.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Fei Ba has retired and planned to accompany Leng Ma for her daily workout. Lap Yin asked Fei Ba when he intends to inform Leng ma that he has sold their house. Fei Ba said not the right time yet. He intends to invest the profit from the sales of the house and his retirement funds. He asked Lap Yin to look into the matter.

Sing Hei continues to tutor Fa's son. Fa's son accidentally knocked Sing Hei's bag off the chair and his ID dropped out. Fa knows that Sing Hei is Tse Leung's killer. She asked him to leave.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Fa visited Sing Hei at his office. Lap Yin saw Fa waiting for someone via the CCTV from his room. Later on Sing Hei appeared and dragged Fa out of the office. Lap Yin now knows that Sing Hei has some dealings with Fa.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Fa informed Sing Hei that she needs money. Her son is now in the hospital due to asthma attack. She asked Sing Hei for money as a form of compensation for her. Sing Hei gave her some money first and told her not to appear in the office again. If she needs to find him, she can just give him a call.

Fei Ba and Leng Ma were at the park for their morning exercise. A child runs over Leng Ma's toes with his tricycle and Leng Ma fell down. Fei Ba called for an ambulance and informed Lap Yin and Hoi Man. Both rushed to the hospital immediately. When they reached the hospital, they found out that Fei Ba had fainted at the park too.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Cheung See and Lap Yin saw Fa coming out from the lifts at the hospital. Cheung See quickly suggest to Kit Yee to use the stairs instead. Lap Yin noticed Cheung See's uneasy reaction towards Fa and questioned her about it. Cheung See spills everything to Lap Yin.

After speaking to Cheung See, Lap Yin suspects that the cassette recording Tse Leung bribed him with might be in Fa's possession. Lap Yin then approached Sing Hei, asking him to go drinking together. Whilst drinking, Lap Yin questioned Sing Hei about Fa. He told Sing Hei that Cheung See already told him everything. So Sing Hei gave the excuse that Fa treats him as her enemy for causing Tse Leung's death.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Lap Yin visited Fa and her son at the hospital. He told Fa that he is Sing Hei's friend. Upon hearing Sing Hei's name, Fa became angry and asked Lap Yin to leave. Fa is short of cash to settle the hospital bill, luckily Lap Yin is around and helped her.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Lap Yin also send Fa and her son home. Her landlord was there to ask for rental. Lap Yin threaten him with the law and the landlord decided to leave. Lap Yin saw the shoe box in Fa's cupboard. He recognise the shoebox was the one Tse Leung use to keep his bets. He asked Fa if Tse Leung left anything for her. She said no except for 1 useless box with old photos and cassette tapes. Lap Yin advised her to throw the tapes away as it contains illegal gambling evidences.

Kit Yee helped Sing Hei answer a phone call and notice a woman's picture on his phone. She questioned Cheung See about it and she slipped that the woman is Tse Leung's mistress. Kit Yee became very angry and forbade Sing Hei to see the woman.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Sing Hei went to school to meet up with Fa's son. Fa's son told Sing Hei that he saw Fa showed the box of Tse Leung's belongings to Lap Yin. He also mentioned that Lap Yin asked Fa to throw the pix away. Fa's son also promised Sing Hei that their conversation is a secret and he won't divulge to anyone.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Sing Hei called Fa and instruct her to wait for him at home. But Fa's son demanded to go to Ocean's Park as Fa had already promised him. Meanwhile, Kit Yee found Fa's address and decided to go and look for her. Also, Lap Yin decided to burn down Fa's house to get rid of the evidance. He made it look as though it was the loansharks who was chasing Fa for money.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

Sing Hei reached Fa's place and realised that it was on fire. Sing Hei assumed that Fa and her son was still in the house so he rushed up. When he reached Fa's unit, he was shocked to see kit Yee there. He used his bag to clear the path, and in the process, the cassette tape which contains the evidance dropped out of his bag. Sing Hei managed to save Kit Yee but the tape is now lost.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 12

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