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Last One Standing - Episode 18

Sing Hei accompanied Dai Gao to the insurance company to meet with an agent, Jack Tung. Within 6 months, Jack's clients are either blind or has broken limbs. Sing Hei suspect foul play between Jack Tung, his client and Lap Yin to scam claims from the insurance company. When Dai Gao report back to Lap Yin, Lap Yin decided to handle the case himself. Sing Hei knows that Lap Yin is going to pocket some money from this case.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 18

True to Sing Hei's prediction, Lap Yin set up a meeting with Jeck Tung to discuss their deal in the scam. Sing Hei followed them and took photos of their dealings. He send the photos to Pui Ka with details of their dealings.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 18Last One Standing TVB Episode 18

Lap Yin informed everyone during Leng Ma's birthday celebration that his new house will be ready soon. He plans to move there with the whole family so that Leng Ma can have a change of environment. Also, his wedding with Pui Ka will be brought forward.

Pui Ka used Lap Yin's computer for her work. She saw Lap Yin's document file and decided to have a look. She found that Lap Yin handled the case himself (even though it's a minor claim case), and even has to personally write the report. Lap Yin saw her looking at his file. Pui Ka admits that she read his report and asked how come there are so many coincidences in the cases and is handled by the same agent. Lap Yin assured her that it's normal occurrences but agreed to pay more attention to the claims. Lap Yin said he could not arrange for a meeting with the agent involved. From this, Pui Ka knows he is lying as she received photos of Lap Yin meeting the agent!

Last One Standing TVB Episode 18

Lap Yin wants to pull out from the scam but Jack Tung warned him that there's no way out. He already has one foot in so they can't turned their back away from the case. Lap Yin tried to call Pui Ka but she is not answering his calls. He felt that she tried to avoid him.

Lap Yin saw a note on Alex's table that he has an appointment with Hoi Man with a lawyer from the legal aid department. He pretended to go home to check on Leng Ma during lunch break and questioned Hoi Man about it. She told him she went to the market. He knew she was lying and attempt to strangle her.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 18

Sing Hei knows that Lap Yin has passed the Jack Tung case back to Dai Gao to follow. He helped Dai Gao to investigate the claims and knows that Lap Yin is up to no good again. Sing Hei knows that Lap Yin needs a scapegoat for all his scams so he hinted to Lap Yin that he doesn't mind being the scapegoat as he been in prison before.

Lap Yin couldn't reach Pui Ka for a few days so he got Hoi Man to call Pui Ka on his behalf. Finally Pui Ka agreed to have dinner together at their house. Lap Yin send Pui Ka home and wanted to get intimate with her but she reject his advances. Lap Yin persisted but Pui Ka asked him to leave.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 18

Pui Ka felt that Lap Yin has changed, so she called Hoi Man out to discuss. Hoi Man told Pui Ka how Lap Yin had treated her and even asked Pui Ka to reconsider marrying Lap Yin. Hoi Man saw Alex at the restaurant and slapped him. She thought Alex betrayed her by telling Lap Yin that she seek the help of legal aid. Pui Ka also confront Alex about the anonymous letters that she has been receiving, but Alex denied that he was behind the letters.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 18

Pui Ka, Kelly and Fiona were drinking and discussing in the bar about marriage. Lap Yin arrived and heard Fiona asking Pui Ka to reconsider marriage. What Lap Yin didn't hear was Fiona said that he is a good man and Pui Ka shouldn't doubt him. Lap Yin is angry at Fiona and he sneakily went behind her to push her down a flight of stairs. Fiona wan bruised all over. When Pui Ka rushed to the top of the stairs, she saw Lap Yin drove past them quickly.

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