Monday, October 6, 2008

Last One Standing - Episode 7

Lap Yin tailed Sing Hei to Keen Yip's office. He heard Sing Hei and Keen Yip arguing inside the office. When Sing Hei was on the verge of revealing that he was imprisoned on behalf of Keen Yip, Lap Yin rushed in to stop him. Lap Yin told Sing Hei to let things be but Sing Hei is still "upset". Sing Hei wants to confront Keen Yip again but Lap Yin stopped him.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 7

Pui Ka asked Sing Hei out to meet and Sing Hei agreed. She gave him a copy of the interview that they did. Sing Hei told her that the DVD is his first present in 10 years. They had dinner together in Pui Ka's office cafeteria. While flagging down a taxi, Pui Ka dropped her engagement ring. Sing Hei got it back for her but almost got knocked down by a taxi.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 7Last One Standing TVB Episode 7

Sing Hei could not hold back his feelings for Pui Ka and blurt out his feelings to her. He showed her the letter he wrote to her when he was still in prison. Unfortunately, he never sent the letter as he felt inferior. Upon hearing Sing Hei's confession, Pui Ka was stunned and didn't know how to react. She quickly get on a passing taxi and left.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 7

Leng Ma helped Lap Yin and Pui Ka to choose a good date for their wedding. It's about 6 months away. Lap Yin wanted the wedding to be sooner but Leng ma insist that the date was the best in the whole year.

An unhappy claimant went to Lap Yin's office for some routine questioning to process his claims. Dai Gao had problems handling this claimant, so Lap Yin stepped in. Lap Yin realised that the doctor who treated this claimant is from the same hospital as Kui Wing. As such, Lap Yin plans to investigate this case himself and at the same time look into Kui Wing's case.

Lap Yin went looking for Kui Wing. At the same time, Sing Hei was with Kui Wing arranging for his discharge from the hospital. When Lap Yin reached Kui Wing's room, he has already left. Kui Wing left on his own without waiting for Sing Hei and he also didn't honour his promise to give Sing Hei the bank-in slip.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 7

Sing Hei was extremely down that his only lead to convict Lap Yin is now lost. He went to the bar to drown his sorrows. He sent an SMS to Pui Ka asking her not to marry Lap Yin. Pui Ka called him back but then he passed out. The bartender inform Pui Ka of his whereabouts and she called Lap Yin for help.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 7

Kit Yee told Lap Yin that Sing Hei has some feelings towards Pui Ka. Lap Yin pretended to be gracious but he is very vengeful and suspicious of Sing Hei. Lap Yin wanted to bring forward the wedding but Grandma is against the change. In the end, Fei Ba suggest that Lap Yin and Pui Ka throw an engagement party instead to announce their engagement.

Last One Standing TVB Episode 7

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Sing Hei is really rash in his actions. He should come down a little. Sometimes you cannot fight force with force!