Saturday, October 25, 2008

Steven Ma treats Linda Chung like a lil sis

Steven Ma and Linda Chung are both busy filming new series, Dogs on the Beat. Linda plays the role of Steven's girlfriend. This is Steven and Linda's third collaboration and they both share good chemistry. Steven was asked if he thought of pursuing Linda in real life. Steven said he view Linda as his younger sister, they share a bond akin to those shared by siblings. Nothing more than that.

Steven Ma and Linda Chung

Although Linda plays Steven's girlfriend in the series, Steven is actually closer to the dog in the series, Ah Wong, instead of her! Ah Wong is very playful with Steven, constantly licking his hands, plastering him with "wet kisses".

Steven in not nominated for any role in TVB's Anniversary Awards. Steven said he saw online that many netizens were angry on his behalf, some saying that it was unfair. Steven admits that he felt disappointed but he strongly believes that people should look to the future. What's more important is that the viewers remember his portrayal of Sing Yat On and remember A Journey Called Life. That is enough for Steven.

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