Friday, March 13, 2009

Pages of Treasures - Episode 13

Ming treat Chung to another meal to thank her for the good name she suggested for the bookstore. As the opening date for the bookstore approaches, Man Suk assigns tasks to everyone to make sure the bookstore can open on time. Alex also designed a book catalogue system for Man Suk so that he can keep tabs of the stocks available at the store.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 13

Alex and Abbie gave Hillary a watch to thank her for helping Alex "get rid" of K.O. Actually it's 2 watches as Alex thinks the "boy-styled" watch suits Hillary more while Abbie thinks Hillary will prefer the more femenine one.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 13

Hillary confessed to her mother that she prefers the one Alex chooses as it matches her character better. Her mother teases her with Alex but Hillary says she does not want to get in to another relationship so quickly. Furthermore, Alex is currently attached.

Abbie goes shopping and bumps into Hillary's mother, Fun (whom she doesn't know is Hillary's mother yet). Fun left her watch in the changing room and Abbie finds it when she goes to try on some clothes. The watch is familiar to Abbie and it looks exactly like the one her mother had. The two women came face-to-face. However, Fun could no longer recognise Abbie but Abbie knows that the person standing in front of her is her mother. Fun asks for the watch from Abbie and she returns it.

Sammi goes to Patrick's cafe and Patrick as her out for a game of tennis. Sammi is happy with the invitation but it soon change to disappointment when she sees Michelle there as well. Coincidentally, Kei Kei was there too. She even hit Sammi on the forehead with a tennis ball. The girls bicker and Kei Kei challenged Sammi to a game of beach volleyball. Michelle heard Kei Kei challenging Sammi and agrees to the challenge on Sammi's behalf.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 13Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 13

Sammi's team is made up of Stephy, Olive, Michelle and herself. Michelle is actually the team captain of the volleyball team when she was in university. Sammi's team won but while celebrating, Sammi steps on some glass pieces and falls down. Patrick warns her not to look at the wound as she faints at the sight of blood. Michelle comforts her as Patrick tends to her wound.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 13

Alex's new boss reports for duty and it turns out his new boss was his former university senior in US as well as good friend.

Alex and Abbie attend his company's annual dinner and Abbie runs into Hillary and her mother, Fun. Fun remembers Abbie as the lady who returned her watch at the shopping mall. Abbie goes for a stroll to take a breather from the dinner. She sees Fun sitting alone by the poolside and joins her. Abbie tries to bait Fun and get her to reveal her past but Abbie was not successful. Fun mentions that she has no relatives in Hong Kong and only has one daughter - Hillary. Abbie is hurt and upset.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 13

Man Suk interviews candidates for his bookstore but there was no suitable person for the job. Yuk is worried that they might not find an employee in time for opening day. Abbie suggests to man Suk to consider hire senior citizens for the position.

Chung is sick and is on the way to the clinic when she receives a phone call from Pansy. Pansy had left the house in a hurry and forgot to off the kitchen tap. The house was flooded and Chung rushes home to clean up the mess. Ming sees her groping in the dark and goes over to help her. He also offers to cook porridge for her to eat. Chung is upset with Pansy and breaks down in front of Ming. Ming starts to feel sorry for Chung.

Ming dreams of Chung and wakes up perspiring and heart beating fast. Ming realises that he may have fallen for Chung.

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