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Pages of Treasures - Episode 5

Chung refuses to pay for the broken ship as she feels that Ming is unreasonable. Pansy tried to calm Ming down, saying that the broken part can easily be glued back together. Ming is further enraged when Chung calls the ship a "lousy ship". Man Suk explained to Chung that not only is the ship a special souvenir item from Mauritius it is also Ming's most important award which he received for being the Best Employee for 10 years!

Pansy offers to compensate Ming and asks Ming to name a price. Ming quickly says HKD 16, 000 (they amount he paid Chung earlier) but Chung refues to pay. Pansy offers to pay the amount but Ming refuses to accept the compensation from Pansy as he believes it wasn't pansy who broke his ship. At the same time, Chung is adamant that she did not break the ship and does not want Pansy to cover for her.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

Pansy advises Chung and Ming to reach a compromise as they are after all neighbours. She even asks Chung to help Ming to repair the ship but Ming does not want Chung to touch his things. As he snatches the ship from Pansy's hands he knocked into the display shelf and the ship breaks into even more pieces. The ship is now beyond repair.

As too many unhappy occurrences are happening to the family, Man Suk and Yuk went to the temple and pray. They also seek the advise of a fortune teller. The fortune teller advises Man Suk to retire, says Ming will have obstacles when job hunting and Alex may not return to Hong Kong. They are upset with the fortune teller's interpretation of the notes (chim) and reinterpret the notes themselves.

Upon their return from the temple, Man Suk and Yuk discover that Alex has returned from US. They are very happy to see him. Yuk asks Alex about Abbie but Alex tells them that Abbie did not return with him. She is still in the US. Man Suk and Yuk is worried that Abbie will refuse to return to Hong Kong.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

Man Suk and Yuk sends Ming to talk to Alex. Alex says Abbie is still mad at him and is very firm in her decision to remain in US. Ming advises Alex to continue to persuade Abbie. Abbie also threatens to break up with Alex.

Yuk bought durian for Ming. As Ming and Alex was going out to shop for furniture, they bumped into Pansy and Chung in the lift. Chung was not feeling well so Pansy wants to bring her to the doctor's. Suddenly the lift stops and the four of them are trapped inside the lift. Chung feels queezy and fainted in the lift. Ming offers to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Chung. Chung manages to wake up after that but she thought it was Alex who helped her. When she finds out that it was Ming, she felt disgusted. She has to wash her mouth repeatedly with mouthwash to get rid of the durian taste.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

Ming has an interview at a top security firm. He saw Chung waiting for taxi downstairs and both fought the first taxi that arrived. Ming lost to Chung in the taxi fight and ended up taking the bus instead. When Ming got out of the bus, he saw a thief stealing from someone on the street. Without thinking further, Ming gave chase. He managed to stop the thief and help that person recover his belongings.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

Ming couldn't attend the interview as he has to go to the police station to give a statement. Coincidentally the person Ming helped is the HR manager at the security firm and his interviewer. The manager straight away offer Ming the job on the spot. Ming was happy and relieved.

Patrick and Alex meet up to play tennis. Alex confides in patrick that he misses Abbie and knows that Abbie still loves him. Patrick says he knows Abbie still loves Alex too. Alex suggest that Patrick should pretend to fall sick so that Abbie will return to Hong Kong to care for him. However, Patrick disagrees. As Patrick walks out of the tennis court, he falls and sprains his leg. Now he is hurt for real. Alex is convinced that Abbie will return to care for Patrick.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

Sammi goes to Patrick's cafe to look for him. The waitress informs her that Patrick hurt his leg. Sammi was surprised to learn that Patrick is injured. Kei Kei (Sammi's school rival and the daughter of Man Suk's boss) reprimands Sammi for not being a responsible and caring girlfriend.The two girls then got into a fight ending with Sammi being soaked from head to toe and Kei Kei injured.

Kei Kei complains to her father that Sammi beat her up. Her father then brings her to the Fong household to settle this issue. Sammi explained that it was Kei Kei who ambushed her first but Kei Kei denied. Both fathers could not agree to settle the matter and in the heat of the moment, Man Suk punched his boss. Both families end up at the police station. Kei Kei's father decides not to sue Man Suk but fires him instead. Man Suk also has to agree to forgo his pension.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

Alex receives a phone call from Patrick informing him that Abbie has returned to Hong Kong. She is with him at the hospital and Patrick asks Alex to quickly go over to meet her. Alex meets Abbie and begs her for another chance. Abbie says one way to solve their problem is break up but Alex explains that he has never given up on their relationship. However, Abbie insists that between her and his family, Alex can only choose one!

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 5

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