Monday, February 9, 2009

Pages of Treasures - Episode 6

Alex is still hurt from his break up with Abbie. However, when he sees that Man Suk and Yuk is happy that their whole family is finally together again, he knows that he made the right decision to remain in Hong Kong.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 6

Alex and Ming begin their new job on the same day. They are also working in the same building - Alex in an IT company called INSS while Ming is the security guard servicing that building. While making his rounds, Ming caught two of Alex's subordinate smoking at the stairwell and warns them about their actions.

Alex misses Abbie terribly and vice-versa. After checking on Patrick's injuries, Abbie will return to US. She doesn't plan to let Alex know of her departure but Patrick secretly tells Alex.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 6

On the first day of work, Alex's team has some problems which they must solve. Alex's colleague, Hillary (who was leading the team prior to Alex joining the team) and their teammates were working on the solution but was no where near solving the problem. In a short while, Alex managed to identify the problem and came out with the correct solution for it. This won Alex his teammates' respect and admiration.

After Man Suk's forced retirement, he is a very free man. He often visits his friends at the old folks home. One day, he bumped into Chung at the home. Chung went there to visit her former mother-in-law, who is also one of Man Suk's friends.

When Chung was there, the nurse informed her that her mother-in-law has not paid the fees for two months already. The nurse also inform Chung that they could not reach her ex-husband so Chung helped to settle the bill first.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 6

Alex buys a new car and brings Abbie to the Peak. Unknown to Alex, the Peak is where Abbie's mother left her. Alex finally understands why Abbie refuses to return to Hong Kong. It's not because she is stubborn, it's because Hong Kong reminds Abbie of her painful past. She has never shared her past with anyone but Alex encourages her to share her past with him. He promises to stand by her through thick and thin. Alex persuades Abbie to reconcile with him. He tells Abbie to give herself two years to try and settle down in Hong Kong. If she still doesn't like Hong Kong after two years, then he promises her that they will move back to the US. Abbie agrees.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 6

Chung's ex-husband went to her house to look for her. He was under the impression that Chung instigated his mother to sue him in court of law. Chung was angered by his comments and they both argued on the streets. Chung also scolded him for being inhuman as he cheats his own mother of all her savings.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 6

Coincidentally, Ming returns home from dinner with his friends and saw Chung hitting her ex-husband. Chung's ex-husband is actually one of Ming's buddies. Ming impression of Chung deteriorates further.

Pansy takes the opportunity to move in with Chung. She claims that Chung needs company just in case her ex-husband, Fai, comes back for revenge. Chung is touched by Pansy's kind gestures.

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