Monday, February 23, 2009

Pages of Treasures - Episode 10

Man Suk visits his old friend who owns a bookstore to show off the book Abbie got for him. He finds out that the landlord of the shop wants to sell off the unit. His friend's son advises his friend to end the bookstore's business as sales is not very encouraging.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 10

Man Suk is interested to take over his friend's bookstore business. He discusses the idea with Yuk who is supportive of it. However, Man Suk realises that he cannot afford to buy over the business as all his savings are used to purchase the current house they are staying in.

Sammi plays tennis with Patrick and they bumped into Kei Kei. Kei Kei brings her new boyfriend (who is supposedly a very good player who has won numerous awards!) to show off to Sammi and Patrick. Patrick suggests they play a match to see who's the better player. Patrick wins the match and Kei Kei is filled with rage and shame! Sammi starts to fall for Patrick.

Sammi persuades her friends to go for a drink at Patrick's cafe. Upon entering the cafe, they see Patrick who is very smartly dressed. Patrick explained that some people will be coming over to use the cafe's space to film an ad. The model for the ad is Michelle, a very successful model who also happens to be Patrick's former schoolmate. Patrick seems to have an interest in her, and Sammi is a little jealous.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 10

Abbie goes to the Fong household for dinner again. When she saw the dishes prepared by Yuk, she commented that there's too many meat-y dish and the calories for the meal is very high. She informs Yuk that they should not be consuming food with such high calories on a daily basis. After dinner, Yuk prepared homemade ice-cream for the children. When Abbie heard that dessert is ice-cream, she quickly run out from the house. Ming then explained to Yuk and Man Suk that Abbie doesn't like ice-cream because it reminds her of her bitter past.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 10

Alex follows Abbie out of the house and tries hard to cheer her up. He reveals to Abbie that he actually composed a song for her as a birthday gift but he's sharing it with her now. He calls it their "love song"!

Pansy finds out that her colleague has been investing in China and earns quick cash. She also wants to be part of the investment group but has to fork out an initial investment sum of HKD 200,000. She doesn't have that much cash and came up with a story to borrow money from Chung. She says that she has a client who wants to sell her beauty vouchers worth HKD 200,000 for only HKD 100,000 but she doesn't have so much cash. As expected the soft-hearted Chung decides to lend her the amount.

Ming saw Hillary on the street dating with K.O. and informed Alex about it. Ming warns Alex that Hillary will use her sex appeal to get ahead in the company, but Alex told him that he is over-reacting.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 10

K.O.'s wife visits Hillary at her apartment and scolds her. She also inform Hillary that she is pregnant with K.O.'s child and there is no way K.O. will leave them both for Hillary.

Hillary storms into K.O.'s office (and Alex was there) and confronts him. He tried to make excuses but Hillary slapped him and told him that their relationship is over!

Ming calls Alex to ask if he is leaving soon so that he could get a lift home. Alex asks Ming to meet him at the car park. Before leaving the office, Alex sees Hillary drinking in her room. He offers to send her home. Ming sees a drunk Hillary at the car park and made some sarcastic remarks. During the ride home, Ming purposely made comments about Abbie and Alex in front of Hillary.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 10

When the brothers reach home, they had a discussion about Hillary and the discussion was over blown into an argument!

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