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Pages of Treasures - Episode 11

Man Suk is sad that Ming and Alex are not on speaking terms. Yuk consoles Man Suk, saying that the children are now adults, if they really get into a fight, there's nothing they can do that will stop the fight. Man Suk laments that if he is capable of single-handedly support and bring up the family, then Ming would not have to go to Mauritius to work. Ming would get better education and the brothers can get along better.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

The next morning when Yuk goes to wake Ming up for breakfast, she discovers that he's gone. Ming left a note saying that he will replace his colleague who is sick for the morning shift duty. He will also be working his own shift in the afternoon/evening and will not be back for dinner.

Alex arrives at his office building and Ming opens the door for him. The two brothers do not greet one another and there was an awkward moment. Alex sees Hillary at the lift lobby and greets her. She informs Alex that she's dealing with the break up with K.O. quite well. K.O. then joins the both of them in the lift. Another awkward moment.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Hillary tenders her resignation and sends the letter directly to the HR department. K.O. finds out and managed to pull the letter back and questions Hillary about it. Hillary says she's very determined to leave and there's nothing K.O. can do to change her mind. K.O. accuses her of being in a relationship with Alex. K.O. also made a comment that Alex is several "classes" lower than he is but Hillary says that in terms of personality, character and goodness of the heart, Alex is several "classes" ahead of K.O.!

Alex goes over to Abbie's house for dinner. Patrick and Abbie console Alex and say Ming is an understanding and forgiving person. They advise Alex to give Ming a few days to cool down. Alex laments that Ming has always been a good brother to him and he is ashamed that he got so angry and scolded the brother who loves him dearly. Abbie suggests that Alex comes up with a strategy to apologise to Ming.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Ming, just like Alex, also avoids going home. He lies to Yuk saying that he is out berbequing with his colleagues when in fact he is dining alone at a restaurant. Coincidentally, Chung was there too and joined him. He revealed to her that he has an argument with Alex. Chung advises Ming to apologise by giving Alex a card. Chung asks Ming to write his heartfelt apology on the card and gave it to Alex.

Chung reminds Pansy to return her the HKD 100,000 she lend him before the end of the month as she needs it to pay her brother's school fees. Pansy assures Chung that she remembers it.

Ming prepares a "sorry" card for Alex and places the card on Alex's desk, while Alex was sleeping. Actually Alex was just pretending to sleep and knows that Ming came into his room. Ming goes back to his room only to discover his fully mended ship on his desk. (The ship is Ming's prized possession which he brought back from Mauritius and was broken during an argument with Chung!) Alex told Ming that the ship should be like how it used to be. Ming teases Alex for not being "creative" enough as he copies Sammi's idea and seek Chung's help. The two brothers made up and are on speaking terms again.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Yuk told the children that Man Suk is unwell. Man Suk says he has seen the Chinese Physician and the physician says he is not resting and sleeping well, and have too much to worry about which contributes to his bad state of health. Alex comment that Man Suk is a retiree, he should be very relaxed and has no worries. Man Suk says he is worried about his family and the children.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Alex and Ming gets the idea that Man Suk, Yuk and Sammi are putting on a show to get them to make peace. In turn Ming and Alex argue even more and reversed the prank on them. Ming and Alex then reveal that they know Man Suk only pretended to be unwell. Nonetheless, Man Suk and Yuk is happy to know that the sons have made up and are on good terms again.

On Hillary's last day at work, a hacker penetrates and attack three of their clients' system. While investigating the problems, K.O. barges in to the meeting room and reprimanded Alex in front of his peers. K.O. says Alex reacted too slowly to the problems and caused the clients' to sustain losses. Alex told K.O. that the most important thing at the moment is to solve the problems first. Hillary backs Alex up. She even offers to stay back (delay her resignation) to help the team solve the vulnerabilities in the system.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Ming brings some soup over to Chung's place for her. Chung was cutting out some sale coupons from a magazine. Ming asks her to go shopping together so they can both benefit from the coupons. While shopping, Ming and Chung realise that they are actually cut from the same cloth - they save on themselves but splurge when shopping for others. Chung received a call from Pansy who asks Chung to buy her a bottle of cream(?). Chung took the chance to remind Pansy to pay her back the HKD 100,000 Pansy borrowed earlier. Ming heard the conversation between Chung and Pansy and asks Chung about the loan. Ming warns Chung that Pansy might cheat her of her money, but Chung is confident that Pansy will not.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Chung received a call from her brother, informing her that he needs to pay his accommodation fees sooner than expected. Chung immediately informs Pansy. Pansy asks her colleague out to get back her money from the investment in China. But her colleague told her that they cannot get their money back as the money is all lost! Actually her colleague has the intention to cheat her since the beginning, it was Pansy who is stupid to fall for the scam.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 11

Pansy has no choice but to tell Chung the truth. Chung was really upset and angry with Pansy when she knows that her best friend cheated her money. The two friends argue and Pansy threatens to move out. Chung did not stop her!

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