Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pages of Treasures - Episode 12

Chung throws Pansy out of the house after their argument. Pansy left her handbag and Chung brings the handbag down for her. Chung saw Pansy sitting on her luggage bag by the road side and takes pity on her. Pansy offers to go to the bank to withdraw all her savings (HKD 3000) for Chung but Chung tells her to do it tomorrow as it was already late. A soft-hearted Chung then asks Pansy to return to the house.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

Ming bumps into Chung outside the bank and got to know that Chung takes personal loan from the bank. Ming then asks Chung why did Pansy not return the money she had borrowed earlier. Chung has no choice but to tell the whole story to Ming. Ming offers to lend Chung some money (HKD 40,000) to help her through difficult times. Chung is grateful to Ming.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

Yuk boils some soup and asks Ming to bring over for Pansy. Ming refuses and Yuk ask if they are fighting. Ming immediately becomes defensive and tells Yuk directly that there's nothing going on between him and Pansy and there will never be anything. Yuk feels disappointed.

Man Suk receives a call from his friend who owns the bookstore and pays him a visit. Man Suk's friend is serious about closing down the shop and asks Man Suk to really consider taking over the bookstore and offers him a good price.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

Man Suk goes and check out an empty shop lot of his future bookstore and bumps into Patrick. The empty lot is next to Patrick's cafe. Man Suk comments that the crowd at Patrick's cafe is quite good.

Man Suk goes home and discusses the idea with Yuk. However, Yuk says they don't have much cash for the capital. Man Suk suggest to refinance their house to the bank for the cash but Yuk disagrees. Man Suk says the bookstore plan is actually for Ming's future. He doesn't want Ming to remain a security guard all his life and wants Ming to take over the bookstore in the future.

Man Suk tells the children that he intends to take over the friend's bookstore. Alex asks Man Suk if he is serious about it and says that running a bookstore may be too tiring for him. However, Man Suk says that he can manage it. Man Suk also tells the children that he will be refinancing the house to get the capital to start the bookstore. Ming thinks that there's no need to refinance the house. Alex offers to fork out the money for the capital but Yuk tells him to keep the money for his wedding with Abbie.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

Alex and Hillary meet for lunch and they discuss the threats and attacks into the system by the hacker. Hillary and Alex both have the same suspicion on who the hacker might be. They hatch a plan to capture this person. During lunch, Alex receives an sms that another of their system was hacked.

The person Alex and Hillary suspect is K.O. Hillary thinks that K.O. is doing this to prolong her stay at the office and as a revenge towards Alex. Hillary decides to manipulate the current attack into email systems to trap K.O. and spread his email communication with the hackers for all to see.

Alex and Ming discuss about Man Suk's bookstore plan. The brothers do not agree with man Suk's idea to refinance the house. Alex comes up with a plan, that is he will provide the capital but wants Ming to tell their parents that the money comes from Ming.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

Ming gave Man Suk a cheque for HKD 800,000 and told his family that he earns the money from buying shares. Alex and Man Suk say that Ming rarely invest in stocks but Ming tells them he profits because he has insider information. Man Suk then believes him and the family is happy that they do not have to refinance the house.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

Sammi receives a call from her friend, Olive, that she saw Michelle dating with a rich man. Hoping to bring down Patrick's confidence, Sammi drags Patrick to the cafe to witness the scene. However, Sammi's plan failed when she reached the scene and saw Michelle slapping the guy for trying to take advantage of her. Patrick was happy and says he admires girls who has principles and guts.

Hillary and Alex's tactic to foil K.O. planned attacks was very successful. K.O. is fired from his job. He confronts Hillary and Alex at the lobby and accuses Hillary of falling for Alex. Abbie was at the lobby and she witnesses the whole scene but expresses full confidence in Alex. Hillary also withdraws her resignation and stays back at the office.

Ming invites Chung for dinner and asks for her help to think of a suitable name for Man Suk's bookstore. Man Suk orders every family member to submit three names each. In the end the name selected was the one suggested by Chung - Hoi Kuen Yau Yek. Man Suk says that it's a good name, a very suitable one!

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 12

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Rach3l said...

Pansy is so bad. Always taking advantage of Chung!

admin said...

Yeah Pansy is very calculative and conniving. She's bad for Chung. Luckily there's Ming to help Chung.