Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pages of Treasures - Episode 4

Man Suk and Yuk are happily preparing for Ching's (Alex's) stay in Hong Kong. However Alex has to return to US to settle some stuff first. He promises to return once everything in the States have been settled and taken care of.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 4

Alex however, have yet to tell Abbie of his intention to remain in Hong Kong. They got into a huge argument as Abbie thinks Alex was inconsiderate to make the decision without consulting her.

Pansy convinces Chung to buy the apartment next to Ming's as she has already paid the deposit. If she decided not to continue with the purchase, the deposit would be forfeited. After hearing Pansy's logic, Chung decided to buy the apartment unit.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 4

Pansy saw Yuk looking at apartment units nearby her office. She quickly intercept Yuk's conversation with another real estate agent and offer to treat Yuk to tea. Actually, Yuk has plans to tea with Ming, so she brought Pansy along. Pansy knew that Ming doesn't like her so she take the chance to change his perception of her.

Man Suk's boss has a habit of rewarding his daughter with cash. Man Suk disagrees with parenting style. His colleague, Hou tells him that the bookstore's business is not doing well. Their boss may consider reducing the bookstore's manpower. As such, Hou warns Man Suk to be careful when working and to avoid making mistakes. Man Suk shares this news with the family. Ming says that it's time for Man Suk to retire and enjoy life. But, Man Suk loves working at the bookstore too much to retire.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 4

Man Suk and Yuk suspect that Alex has a disagreement with Abbie over his decision to remain in Hong Kong. They are worried that Alex's decision to stay in Hong Kong may result in him losing his girlfriend. Man Suk called Alex in US to ask him but Alex says that he is occupied and ends their telephone conversation abruptly. This makes Man Suk even more worried.

Sammi (Mei) invites Patrick to her house for dinner. Man Suk and Yuk grilled Patrick for news about Alex and Abbie. Patrick says Abiie is upset with Alex because Alex made the decision to remain in Hong Kong without consulting her. Abbie is afraid that she may not like Hong Kong's way of life and she is also worried about finding a job in Hong Kong. Man Suk and Yuk is worried that Alex may change his mind to remain in US for Abbie's sake.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 4

Pansy make an appointment with Ming to meet up with Chung for them to discuss their settlement. Pansy knows that Ming is a filial son who doesn't want to worry his family, while Chung has her eyes on a television set. Pansy suggests that the compensation amount be HKD 16, 000 and Ming and Chung reluctantly agree to that figure.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 4

Ming has a ship which he brought back from Mauritius. The ship is very important to him as it is the award he won for Best Employee. He is very proud of the ship and diligently cleans it.

Yuk invites Pansy and Chung to her house for Braised Ginger Pork. While Chung was in the toilet, Pansy looked around the house. She accidentally broke Ming's ship but as there were no witnesses she pretended as though nothing happened. After coming out from the toilet, Chung noticed that the ship has a broken part. As she picks it up, Ming and Man Suk came back. Ming accused Chung of destroying his ship for revenge, but Chung denied.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 4

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