Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pages of Treasures - Episode 8

Chung's ex-mother-in-law, Lan Yee, called her to apologise for her earlier actions. She admits that she tricked Chung into believing that Fai did not return her the money when in actual fact, Fai did. Lan Yee asked Chung for forgiveness and understanding.

Man Suk feels bored staying at home after his retirement. He spends his time reading but he finishes the books very quickly. He also misses discussing about the books he read with other readers.

Man Suk feels lethargic and imagines himself being sick. Yuk accompanies him to the Chinese physician for a check up. The Chinese physician confirms that Man Suk is in the pink of health, although his body is a little heaty.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 8

Yuk complains to Ming that Man Suk has too much time on his hands and tries to take over her daily duties. She also tells Ming that man Suk forces her to accompany him for taichi exercises every morning. Ming discusses with Sammi and Alex about Man Suk's conditions. The children decide to take turns to accompany Man Suk and have book discussions with him to keep him occupied.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 8

Chung received a call from the old folk's home telling her that Lan Yee has fever and she refused to take any medication and food. Chung immediately rushed to the home to visit Lan Yee. Lan Yee confesses to Chung that she is afraid that if Chung remarries, then Chung would not have time to visit and care for her anymore. Chung assures Lan Yee that no matter what happens, she will always have time for Lan Yee. Ming overheard the conversation between Lan Yee and Chung and is finally convinced that Chung is a good person.

Alex was walking towards the men's bathroom when he saw Hillary marches past him and into the men's room too. He quickly chases after her but she storms ahead and slaps K.O. right across the face. (K.O. is both their boss!) They then have a meeting after the incident, but K.O. and Hillary act as though nothing had happened earlier. After work, K.O. follows Hillary into the car park and they have an argument about their relationship. It appears that K.O. and Hillary is in a romantic relationship, but K.O. has a wife. K.O. promises to divorce his wife soonest. Coincidentally, Alex drives past and Hillary stops him and gets into his car.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 8

Alex offers to drop Hillary wherever she wants, but first he has to make a detour to pick Abbie up. Abbie and Hillary get along well and became fast friends.

Pages of Treasures TVB Episode 8

Pansy is home alone for dinner as Chung has to work late. She was about to have her cup noodle when she spies into the Fong family's unit and sees them enjoying steamboat. On the pretext of boiling an extra cup of herbal tea for Yuk, she goes over to their unit. As the Fongs are hospitable people, they invite her to join them which she immediately agrees. Yuk notices that Pansy treats Ming quite well and starts to plan to get them together.

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