Friday, September 26, 2008

Moonlight Resonance - Episode 15

Jo Bao's vision was affected after he got knocked down by a car. He was in shocked and frightened that he will lose his vision. He keep calling out for Hor Ma. Grandma suggest that Hor Ma accompany Jo Bao to the hospital in the ambulance. Yan Hong was also in the ambulance but Jo Bao keep calling out for Hor Ma.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15

Jo Bao needs to undergo surgery to correct his vision. Yan Hong saw that Jo Bao had a good time with Hor Ma and the children, she was visibly upset. Yan Hong had a talk with Jo Bao, she confessed that she went to China to test Jo Bao to see if he would visit Hor Ma in her absence. Jo Bao also reveal the his inner thoughts to her. He told her that there's no feelings between him and Hor Ma. The reason he goes over so often is because of the atmosphere there - happier and livelier.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15

Yan Hong decided to travel the world with Jo Bao. She also intends to pass 80% of Ka Ho Yuet Yuen's shares to the six children. The children isn't interested and suspect that Yan Hong is up to her tricks again. Sa Yee, who's constantly blinded by money, keeps convincing the children to accept what is rightfully theirs. Hor Ma told the children to make their own decision, but if they ask for her opinion, she's skeptical about Yan Hong's intentions.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15

Yan Hong reveal to Grandma that she wants to travel with Jo Bao because she is afraid of losing Jo Bao to Hor Ma. She said the most important thing for her are the children and husband. Grandma assures her that should anything happen, Grandma will be on her side.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15

Yan Hong called Ka out to discuss Ka Ho Yuet Yuen. She passed him a proposal for their marketing plan. Yan Hong then convince Chung Zai to manage Ka Ho Yuet Yuen's IT department. Both Ka and Chung Zai are seriously considering Yan Hong's suggestions.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15

Ho met Chau for supper after work. Chau was tired and her eyes were dry because of her contact lens. Ho went out to buy contact lens for Chau as she needs a new pair the next day. The shops nearby do not have Chau's power so they went to another shop further away. Ho asked Sum to wear spectacles instead if her eyes were tired. They both reflect on their childhood days - when Chau first realised that she is short-sighted.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 15

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nikkie said...

Mai Suet is doing so well as the evil-kenivil Hong Yee! Better than she was in Brink of Law!

admin said...

Oh yes, Yan Hong is so freakishly evil. Especially with the f-ugly hair and big eyes. LOL

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