Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moonlight Resonance - Episode 13

It was Grandma's birthday. Hor Ma baked a cake for her with 7 strawberries to represent the 7 grandchildren - Ka, Ho, Yuet, Yuen, Hing, Chung and Chau! The grandchildren bring the cake over to Kam's residence and celebrate with Grandma. She wants the grandchildren to stay overnight at their house. They had fun celebrating Grandma's birthday and she was very happy.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

While looking for a hairdryer, Ho walked into Chau's room. Chau let him use her hairdryer. He saw many of Chau's trophies which she had won during her school days. He was happy to see that Chau still has the cassette tapes which he has made for her when they were young.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

Jo Bao and Yan Hong were interviewed by a magazine as part of a promotion for their new cakes and the shop. They talked about how close they are as a family and how they started their business. Yan Hong said that she has one regret - that she never bore Jo Bao any children.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

Yuet is still working with Eliza but on the side, she is helping Ka. Ka found out that Eliza has been pushing and bullying Yuet as Yuet is close to Ka. Eliza called Yuet to scold her as she has not submitted the figures to Eliza. While Eliza was rambling on the phone, Ka secretly pressed the "record" button. He then set the recording as Yuet's default ringtone without her knowledge.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

Ka treat Yuet to dinner and he invited Eliza as well. He then played the recording of her scolding Yuet. Eliza was very embarrassed and angry and she fired Yuet on the spot!

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

Ka told Yuet that he wants to set up his own PR company and asked her to work with him. He named his company "Cha Khan". Jo Bao gave him a job to handle all promotional events for "Ka Ho Yuet Yuen".

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

Jo Bao was happy for Ka and shared this good news with Yan Hong. Yan Hong immediately informed Eliza who then sabotaged Ka's event by "snatching" away Ka's 38 pairs of newlyweds. Ka needs to find replacements for his event immediately!

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

Luckily, Hor Ma is there with contigency plans. Ho will get Ting Ting's sister to help. Tau Suk called all the neighbours to attend for support. Yuet, Hing and Chung Zai will go to the marriage registry to get new couples. Mean while, Hor Ma and Jo Bao will stand in as MC. They entertained the crowd with jokes and anecdotes. Fortunately, the event was a success and Yan Hong's attempt to ruin the event was a failure.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 13

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