Friday, September 12, 2008

Moonlight Resonance - Episode 7

Hor Ma had repeatedly advised Ka to stop dabbling in stocks and shares but Ka has problems quitting. She asked Jo Bao (Tai Jo) to discuss this problem regarding Ka. Hor Ma accused Jo Bao and Yan Hong of not fulfilling their responsibilities in raising Ka, but Jo Bao was adamant that they have done their best. Jo Bao insist that Ka's involvement in stocks had not gone overboard and he thinks Ka is just trying to invest. Jo Bao told Hor Ma to let their children pursue their own interest and not be a controlling mom.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 7

Jo Bao went home and discussed with Lai to have Ka help out in their mooncake shops. Lai was very supportive of Jo Bao's suggestion. Jo Bao raised his concern, he's not sure if Yan Hong can accept this decision. Lai said she'll inform Yan Hong as she is the elder in the family.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 7

Jo Bao decided to throw a lavish party for Chau as she is now officially a doctor. He also ordered a car for her as her birthday present. During the party, he seize the opportunity to inform Yan Hong that he wants to have Ka help out in their shop. Yan Hong agreed and Jo Bao praised her for being the most understanding wife in the whole world.

During dinner, Jo Bao asked Ka to discuss with Yan Hong his position in the company. Yan Hong told everyone that she has made a decision. She wants Ka to start from the bottom. There's an opening for a supervisor in their smallest shop. She wants Ka to fill that position. The shop has only 4 employees. Jo Bao disagreed with her decision. Lai suggested to Yan Hong to give Ka an Assistant General Manager post. Yan Hong disagreed as she already has plans for that position. This matter remains unsolved and it was soon forgotten.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 7

Sa Yee is back from Portugal. She has managed to get HKD 4, 000, 000 compensation from her ex-husband. Sa Yee wanted to use HKD 1, 000, 000 from the settlement to invest into Hor Ma's cakeshop. Sa Yee said that as the cakeshop was from tat Suk, she should also get part of the shop. Hor Ma agreed to her request, albeit reluctantly.

Sa Yee has the intention to expand Hor Ma's cakeshop and hired new employees without discussing with Hor Ma first. Hor Ma went to China to treat her back-pain and told Ho that she'll deal with the problems after she comes back from China. Upon her return from China, Hor Ma go straight to the cakeshop. All the workers that Sa Yee hired are problematic - one used ingredients that are stale, the other one is lazy!

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 7Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 7

Sa Yee convinced Tat Suk to re-use the "Ka Ho Yuet Yuen" brand name. Hor Ma tried to dissuade them but to no avail. Jo Bao then asked Tau Suk out to discuss the matter. Unfortunately [or fortunately?] Tat Suk stands firm and refused to removed the signboard from their shop.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 7

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