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Moonlight Resonance - Episode 3

There's bad news for Hor Ma's side of the family. Ho received a phone call and was informed that they no longer get to eat their much awaited reunion dinner on the actual day. Tat Suk was extremely disappointed but Hor Ma assured him that she'll find a way to solve whatever problem there is and promised him that he'll get his wish.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

It seems that Lai had a change of heart and didn't want her grandchildren to go ver to the other side. She was watching tv when she suddenly think of her deceased son, Chuen (Tai Jo's younger brother). She has always hold Hor Ma responsible for Chuen's death and thus, she wants to exert her revenge by disallowing her grandchildren from having their Mid-Autumn reunion dinner.

Flashback scene: Lai is in the hospital, she has some heart problems. The whole family is there with her including Chuen. Chuen then ask Hor Ma to leave the room as he wants to have a word with her. He apparently wants to borrow money from Hor Ma but she turned him down. She has already lent him money many times before and says she doesn't have anymore to spare. Chuen claims that he has large debts to settle and if he can't get any money, he threatens to commit suicide. Hor Ma is still adamant that she does not have any money to lend Chuen at the same time telling him that she has heard his empty threats many times before. Unfortunately, this time it's the real deal. Chuen did commit suicide, he jumped off a building.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

Nien Tze Yong was summoned to see Yan Hong. It appeared that Nien Tze Yong is thinking of jumping ship over to another bakery but was found out by Yan Hong. Yan Hong immediately fired Nien Tze Yong and warn all bakeries not to hire him. Should anyone hire Nien Tze Yong, that would mean they are trying to find trouble with Yan Hong.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

Nien Tze Yong is jobless and he has to take care of his sister. The only person that can help him is Hor Ma but he is ashamed of what he did previously. It was Hor Ma who prodded him and ask him to tell her his problems. Hor Ma decided to hire Nien Tze Yong!

Upon learning that Hor Ma has in fact dared to hire Nien Tze Yong, Yan Hong immediately told Yuen and Chung that they do not have to go over for reunion dinner anymore. She insist that Hor Ma does not respect her so she doesn't have to return the favour. Hor Ma quickly called Tai Jo's mobile to speak to Yan Hong. They had a war of words which was won by Hor Ma. Hor Ma lied that she hired Nien Tze Yong as an odd-job worker which she can fire anytime. She just need him temporarily as she has back problems. Yan Hong agree to let the children go back for reunion again when Hor Ma falsely promised her that she will fire Nien Tze Yong the very moment her back heals.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

Sum knows that all the children will be attending the reunion dinner with Hor Ma's family. She also considers herself part of the family as she is Chau. She knew that Yan Hong wouldn't allow her to attend so she bluffed Yan Hong, saying that she will be celebrating Mid-Autum festival with her friends. During dinner, Yan Hong called Sum to check on her. Coincidentally, in the background, Ka and Ho were playing some guessing game when someone shouted "Hor Ma's hand"! Yan Hong heard that and she was unhappy. She quickly called Tai Jo to ask if they have finished eating and say that since she and Lai is nearby the restaurant they will drop by to pick them up. Tai Jo said he will meet them outside but when Lai asked Yan Hong, she twisted her words and told Lai that Tai Jo will need to spend more time there. This caused Lai to be angry as well. They stormed up to the restaurant!

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

As Nien Tze Yong was there with them, Tai Jo quickly asked Sum and Nien Tze Yong to leave quickly, but they met at the door. Lai demanded that she Tai Jo and the children leave immediately as they already spent a "long" time for dinner. Hor Ma as Lai to allow them to finish their dinner as they only have 3 more dishes to go. Yan Hong said that it is her duty, as Lai's daughter-in-law, to help Lai take the children home. Yan Hong also blamed Hor Ma for not keeping her promised (Hor Ma promised to fire Nien Tze Yong) but Hor Ma told Yan Hong, that it was Yang Hong who never kept her promise.

When Yan Hong came to work for Hor Ma innitially, she vowed that she will treat Hor Ma as her sister for the rest of her life, but she didn't do it. Yan Hong was left speechless at Hor Ma's statement, but Lai stand up for Yan Hong. Lai scolded Hor Ma again for causing her younger son, Chuen's death and claimed that Tai Jo also put the blame on her. She said the reason Tai Jo divorced Hor Ma had nothing to do with Yan Hong but because Tai Jo could no longer sleep on the same bed as the person who indirectly kill his brother.

Hor Ma says that she'll have to carry the burden of causing Chuen's death to her deathbed but she also questioned Tai Jo and Lai's responsibility in the matter. They never helped Chuen and Chuen constantly seek Hor Ma's help instead of his own mother and brother.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

Nien Tze Yong could not longer contain his anger and blurt out that it wasn't Hor Ma who caused Chuen's death. Nien Tze Yong said that Chuen gambled in Macau the night before he died and he won big. He managed to settle all his debts with money to spare. The reason Chuen commited suicide was because his girlfriend, Lulu has dumped him and left with another man! Nien Tze Yong also spilled the beans that a year before Chuen's death, Tai Jo already started his affair with Yan Hong. (Tai Jo always use the excuse that Hor Ma caused Chuen's death, so they can't be together!)

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 3

Lai then summoned all the grandchildren on her side to leave with her but Yuen and Chung both voiced out that they want to finished their reunion dinner with Tat Suk.

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