Monday, August 11, 2008

Moonlight Resonance - Episode 2

This episodes continues where it ended in episode 1. Sum went back home and told her family members that she bumped into Ho, and he appeared very much darker than he used to be. Upon hearing this, Lai, their grandmother was very upset. The next day, she went to Hor Ma's bakery and scolded her. Lai blamed Hor Ma again for the death of her younger child and said that Hor Ma is possessive over her 2 children, Ho and Hing.

Lai told many of the neighbours present that she and Tai Jo have always opened their doors to welcome any of the children back to live with them but Hor Ma is reluctant to let the children move. She blamed Hor Ma for holding on to Ho and Hing and refused to let them lead better lives, and ruining their future.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 2

Yuet ask a friend's help to find an office job for Hing. Hing is actually quite smart, doing well in her A Levels exam but she feels inferior because of her inability to speak. Ho and Yuet are very excited over the job prospect and encourage Hing to attend the interview but Hing refused, saying that she is happy helping Hor Ma at the bakery.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 2

After dinner, the siblings were doing dishes when Sa Yee came into the kitchen. The used sign language to communicate so that Sa Yee wouldn't understand what they were talking about. (This scene is funny and cute and it's heart warming to see the closeness they share!) Sa Yee tried to take part in the conversation but they ignored her. She misinterpret what Ho, Yuet and Hing were saying. She assumed that they were talking bad about her and that her father had told everyone her secret, which in fact he has not! The reason Sa Yee came back to Hong Kong was because her husband had cheated on her. She is having financial problems and had borrowed HKD 20,000 from her father.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 2

Hor Ma used to have a worker named Nien Tze Yong but when Yan Hong expand Tai Jo's side of business, she took away all of Hor Ma's workers. Yan Hong offered them better pay and benefits. Nien Tze Yong also blind-sided Hor Ma when he agreed to stay and help her then changed his words and switched to Yan Hong's side. The worst part was he brought along the other workers with him.

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 2

Sum went to visit Hor Ma's family, and tells Hor Ma that she also wants to chip in for Hor Ma's dental surgery. Hor Ma needs to remove 6 of her tooth and Ho previously suggested that all her 6 children pay for the cost. Sum wants to share the cost as well, because she is unofficially Hor Ma's seventh child. She was nicknamed Chau, so that Hor Ma's father can have 7 grandchildren that wished for.

Hor ma's father, Tat Suk, shares with the family his dream. He has always wanted to have the entire family over for Mid-Autumn Festival on the actual day itself. Over the years, the children have always had their Mid-Autumn reunion dinner with Tai Jo's side of the family on the actual day while Hor Ma's side always celebrate one day later. As such, Tat Suk's dream is to have the reunion dinner on the actual day this year!

Moonlight Resonance TVB Episode 2

Upon hearing this, Ho went to talk to Lai and asked her to let Hor Ma's side of the family have their reunion dinner on the actual day. Lai promised to consider his request. Lai then told Tai Jo that she would be going sailing on Mid-Autumn night, as such to ask the children to go over to Hor Ma's side for dinner.

Due to some complications with their bakery store location, Yan Hong told Tai Jo to ask Hor Ma to change her bakery's name. Tai Jo then used the excuse that if Hor Ma's father wants to have reunion dinner on the actual day, they would have to change their shop's name. Tai Jo even lied saying he was the one who begged Lai to allow them to eat on the actual day. This is not true and Ho knows about it. He was so angry and he let Sa Yee out, who was trapped in the bathroom, to attack Tai Jo. (The scene was really hilarious, like a caged bull suddenly released, charging out!) The family then told Tat Suk that they can have their reunion dinner on the actual day and he was very pleased. He doesn't mind that they have to change their shop's name!


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