Monday, February 23, 2009

Cast of E.U. attends Police Recruitment Expo

TVB new series, E.U. started its run last week (February 16). In conjunction with the drama's run, the cast including Michael Miu, Kathy Chow, Elanne Kong, Sammul Chan, Leung Ka Kei and Michael Tse attended an Education and Careers Expo for police recruitment. The cast helped to hand out flyers.

E.U. Emergency Unit TVB

Sammul Chan and Leung Ka Kei were the focus of the group. Both were injured earlier while promoting their new series. The reporters even go to the extend of telling Sammul that Ka Kei has feelings for him. This made Sammul blush like a tomato and he quickly walked away. Reporters continue to tease Sammul, saying that he should care for Ka Kei for her entire life as her injuries were sustained because of him. Sammul quickly clarify that bold statement, "Don't have to be that serious, she should have someone to take care of her for the rest of her life. But her injury was caused by me, I should apologize to her, I will boil some "pig brain" soup for her, she will boil fish maw soup for me."

E.U. Emergency Unit TVB

Although there are still no official ratings yet for E.U., Michael thinks that the series has good discussion points and also praised the improved performance of Sammul and Ron Ng (since The Academy). Michael shares that many of his friends says that the series is good. This second sequel is also the most compact in the trilogy according to Michael. Michael then shares that he will be filming a new drama series in March with Maggie Cheung (Ho Yee).

Kathy Chow revealed that she tapes every episode so that she could enjoy later. After finishing the promo works for E.U. she will head to Shanghai to film a new series. Responding to comments that E.U. copies some movie scenes, Kathy explains, "It's about the same, cannot say that it's copied. The series has a movie feel to it. In TV series terms, it's quite a breakthrough. The series talks about Triads and selling pirated material. It could be said that there will be lots of discussions and controversial topics."

E.U. Emergency Unit TVB

E.U. is Elanne Kong's virgin drama series. She explains that filming a series gives her a lot of stress. "When I go out, there are many people yelling out my character's name. Just two days ago, there was a little girl who called me 'Sister Piracy Girl' . There is a friend who said that my role is very rough, the first day of work, I had to yell at Ron. I NG-ed a lot!" Elanne explains further. Elanne shares that she is happy to be playing a rough girl's role and is looking forward to filming another series.

Source: Wenweipo, Mingpao, with translations by aZnangel @


Rach3l said...

Maggie Cheung is making a comeback?? Good to see her again!

nikkie said...

Maggie Cheung? Hmm.. not to trilled for her comeback, but then again, maybe it'll be interesting to see her again.

Bah! I'm just not a fan.