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2008 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards (Full Result)

Here is the official winners' list of the 2008 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards

Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards

Favorite Characters
Tong Ji On - Moses Chan (Heart of Greed)
Ho Mei Tin - Myolie Wu (To Grow With Love)
Chung Lap Man - Ron Ng (On The First Beat)
Seung Joi Sum - Linda Chung (Heart of Greed)
Chai Foon Cheung - Bobby Au Yeung (Dicey Business)
Lee Ching Wan - Jessica Hsuan (Dicey Business)
Lui To - Bosco Wong (Price of Greed)
Ling Hau - Lee Sze Kei (Heart of Greed)
Wah Zhen Pong - Raymond Lam (The Drive of Life)
Wing Sau Fung - Charmaine Sheh (The Drive of Life)
Dai Lap Yan - Joe Ma (Maiden's Vow)
Tam Chu Mei - Tavia Yeung (Dicey Business)

Favorite Drama
Heart of Greed

Favorite Theme Song
Heart of Greed - Susanna Kwan

Favorite Lead Actor
Moses Chan - Heart of Greed

Favorite Lead Actress
Lee Sze Kei - Heart of Greed

Favorite Scene Stealer
Chow Fook Wing - Benz Hui (Dicey Business)

Favorite Couple
Ching Leung & Seung Joi Sum
- Raymond Lam & Linda Chung (Heart of Greed)

Unforgettable Moment
Heart of Greed: Dai Kai (LSK) suddenly released from hospital, the family crisis arise because of Sai Kai (Susanna Kwan) and Ling Boh (Louis Yuen)'s actions.

Favorite Bizarre Character
Fei Tin - Myolie Wu (To Grow with Love)

Favorite On Screen Kiss
Charmaine Sheh & Raymond Lam (The Drive of Life)

Favorite Villain
Sung Ka Yee - Shirley Yeung (The Brink of Law)

Source: Astro WLT / ChinaPress

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