Monday, October 13, 2008

The Four: Ratings affected by the Asian Financial Crisis?

The lead actors from The Four recently attended the promotional function for the series. The ratings have been average, achieving 28 points last week. Raymond Lam, who played Mo Ching, thinks that the ratings are affected by the fall of the Asian Stock Markets.

The Four promo

The cast were not disappointed with the ratings with Raymond mentioning that the ratings 'pretty good' as it is in the 8.30 time slot. Raymond theorise that no one is in the mood to watch TVB series after the collapse of the share market as the series is watched by many other overseas subscribers besides HK residents.

The Four promo

During the promotional event, Selena Li was crowned the Limbo Rock champion. When she was going under the bar, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan fooled around and caused the bamboo stick to drop and fall onto Selena's head. Selena said, "It was actually painful-lah, Ron and Sammul are really playful, luckily no one was injured."

Source: Oriental Daily
Original Translation: Sammyy @ AsianFanatics


Liling said...

Lol, my name is Liling.

Anyway, thanks for linking me. You might want to get a shoutbox because its more convenient or do you already have one?

Anyway, perhaps the average HK audience does not like ancient dramas as much unless its a grand production. Most ancient dramas don't have high ratings.

Modern dramas are more easier to relate to, but I still prefer ancient.

TF has not been as good as I thought it would be, but I will still finish it to the end because of the four leading actors. The relationships are nice. I love the scenery and backgrounds. It's so refined-looking and peaceful. The cases are more on the tedious side and everything just comes and goes. There isn't much investigating to do because Mo Ching is always the one to figure out everything.

admin said...

I have to admit I am of those who prefer modern drama over ancient ones. Partly because ancient drama uses "old" cantonese and I have difficulty understanding it.

I'm not watching The Four, but my cousin who watches, tells me that it's surprisingly good and she likes it.