Monday, October 13, 2008

Sonija wishes to settle down in one year's time

Sonija Kwok Starry KitchenSonija Kwok, the perfect wife candidate?

Sonija Kwok is busy lately, having to attend different functions. She has also been keeping a low profile since rumours surfaced that she was the 3rd party in Michael Tao's marriage. She recently attended the filming for Starry Kitchen. The Chef, Mr Chow prepared 5 dishes and 1 soup. Mr Chow praised Sonija for her cooking skills and beauty, saying that she is now ready for marriage and be a housewife! Sonija laughed at Mr Chow's comments, "I also want to get married next year, but I don't know to whom. I know it is very important for a woman to learn how to cook. If a woman has a rating of 100%, it would go up to 150% if she can cook."

Sonija doesn't mind a short courtship if given the chance. "I see how happy Kelly is. She can have a career and a happy family as well. I wish I can do that too. To me marriage is forever and I won't get a divorce once I am married. Otherwise I would rather remain single," said Sonija.

Source: MingPao
Original Translation: dragon888@AsianVN

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