Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raymond Lam does not give his new album to Linda Chung

Raymond Lam's new album (his 2nd in his singing career) is released today. His album is available in 2 different album covers, one with a cat and the other with a clock. Fans get to choose which one is to their liking.

Raymond Lam, Your Love album covers

Raymond shared that he was busy filming Moonlight Resonance when he was also recording this album. What a competent multitask-er! After the filming of Moonlight Resonance wrapped up, Raymond had about a week to work on the album. It was a lot of hard work.

When questioned about Linda Chung's album, Raymond said that he had listened to her album. He complimented that the album is unique and has Linda's character. He also praised Linda for her vocals and said that she has lots of potential.

Reporters asked if Raymond will give Linda a copy of his album, he said,"We don't give each other albums, have to take out money ourself and show our support."

Credit: Mingpao
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Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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