Monday, January 11, 2010

Cast of Beyond the Realm of Conscience continues to celebrate

The success of TVB drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience is truly extraordinary, the cast and crew got together for yet another celebration. This round it is TVB executive, Norman Leung who is footing the bill. Cast members including Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Selena Li, Michelle Yim, Susan Tse and Susanna Kwan were among those who attended the dinner. Due to the success of the series, Charmaine and Kevin revealed that they were both able to earn a 7-figure sum in a short period of time.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Charmaine recently returned from a trip to Malaysia, which she is ambassador for a skincare brand. "!'m already starting a fat year. During the Lunar New Year period, I have series to film, so probably earning extra money. I'll be busy shooting series in the new year. Having good scripts outweighs winning awards, the most important is to enjoy the filming process. As a reward, if possible, I want to get a new car. As for property, I have always wanted to, but I have no time to look for them.," says Charmaine.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Kevin, on the other hand shares that he will be shooting ads in the new year. He will also be travelling to the United States and Canada for work. Tavia expressed that she is currently busy with many jobs but she is also earning more. She explains, "I can get a new house for my dog. As for my own house, investment is my goal, let's see how that goes."

Selena Li who recently went on a 3-month break to complete her studies, reveals that she has to turn down jobs when she was in Canada. This caused her to lose some income. However, Selena acknowledge that being able to graduate is priceless and it made her mum very happy!

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