Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beyond the Realm of Conscience is best TVB series for 2009

The recently concluded drama series Beyond the Realm of Conscience is TVB's best series for 2009 in terms of viewership. It achieved an average rating of 46 points for it's final episode, peaking at 50 points. This result means Beyond equaled the records of both Korean drama, Jewel in the Palace and TVB's Best Series for 2008, Moonlight Resonance. However, Beyond managed to achieve a higher audience rate at 98% beating the other 2 series by a narrow margin of only 1%!

The producer, Mui Siu Ching, expressed that she is pleased with the result. "I am very happy, 98 of every 100 viewers watched . Although the rating is 50 points, same as , we won by 1% of viewers," she says. Producer Mui also praised Charmaine Sheh's acting skills in portraying Sam Ho, particularly in the last episode. She also lamented that it's a pity that the voting for TVB's Anniversary Awards has ended earlier, if not, then Charmaine may even get more votes!

Moses Chan Charmaine Sheh Beyond the Realm of Conscience TVB Drama

Most viewers and netizens were a bit disappointed that Emperor Li Yi (Moses Chan) and Sam Ho did not end up together. However, TVB is happy to reveal that Moses and Charmaine will be re-collaborating in a new series The Princess Marriage, with filming scheduled to begin soon.

Another series with the cast of Beyond is also in the works but will be set in present day.

Source: Mingpao


MelFay said...

im just here to share my thoughts. i think the ending is not satisfying as the Emperor did not settle the battle with MaYuenChi himself. and also YiuKamLing did not get appropriate punishment as she killed so many people. however, im still a fan of Tavia!

this is just what i thought. no hard feelings. =)

Pinkiitoe said...

@MelFay: I agree with you. General Ma just died after Lai Fei drew the sword on him, which is illogical; cos if it was that easy then the Emperor or Master Ko could havent easily done it too...