Monday, January 11, 2010

Esther Kwan takes on Michelle Yim in The Season of Fate

Salty, sour, bitter, spicy and sweet are the five flavours that are best used to describe the story of new TVB drama, The Season of Fate. This series sees Esther Kwan making a comeback to the TVB drama series world after giving birth to her daughter, Brittany, 3 years ago.

Esther Kwan The Season of Fate
At the invitation of Producer Cheung Kin Man, Esther relented after learning more about the character. Producer Cheung explained, "Esther likes the role very much, when she read the script, she accepted that role straight away. Everybody knows she is very particular about caring for her daughter, it happened that Nick Cheung (her husband) had some spare time in between his work, the main carer's role has landed on Nick's shoulder. Esther can now relax and concentrate working on this series."

Esther Kwan Michelle Yim The Season of Fate
Esther plays Lin Sheung Chun, the second widow of the heir of the affluent Kwan family. The first wife, played by Michelle Yim, suffered from mental illness shortly after their husband's death.

Michelle Yim The Season of Fate
The Season of Fate starts airing tonight at 9.30pm.

Source: MingPao with translations by R.E.D @
Image Credit: The Season of Fate official Site

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