Monday, January 18, 2010

Filming of Heaven and Earth is ending soon

The filming for TVB drama series When Heaven Burns [previously: Heaven & Earth] is heading towards the home stretch. Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong and Maggie Siu were seen filming a night scene on location a few nights ago.

When Heaven Burns TVB series
The scene revolved around the band members; Kenny, Bowie and Moses, holding a roof top concert. The crew had to re-create an outdoor stage set for the scene as well as recruit an additional 500 extras to participate as the concert audience. It is reported that the cost for the stage set and the fee for the extras cost the production a 7-figure sum.

Heaven and Earth TVB series
Charmaine expressed that the filming of Heaven & Earth is wrapping up and she feels a little heavy hearted. "Our whole group gets along very well. After this series completes, my schedule is packed having to shoot for Can't Buy Me Love (also known as Here comes the Princess). I am going to have to take advantage of the two day break on Lunar New Year. On the 3rd day of new year, I have a show to attend and will start on another new series in April. I'll probably be busy until September," she explains.

Heaven and Earth TVB series
Although the concert scene was "staged" concert, Moses feels as though he was performing at an actual concert. "I knew we had to do a band performance, so I practice earlier. I have interest in singing, but I don't want to be a singer, singing theme songs is enough for me," adds Moses.

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