Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Burning Flame III peaked at 38 points for first episode

Kevin Cheng Myolie Wu TVB Burning Flame 3

Burning Flame III started its run on Monday, July 6. The first episode managed to draw 2.4 million viewers and achieved 36 points average rating and peaked at 38 points. This means Burning Flame III scored the highest rating achieved in a single day in the last 3 years. The last series to do this well was Dance of Passion back in 2006. Burning Flame III also out-score its two predecessors - Burning Flame and Burning Flame II.

The producer of Burning Flame III, Amy Wong, celebrates the success by treating its cast members, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu and Matthew Ko to beers at the press conference.

Kevin and Myolie are happy with the series' achievement. Kevin said the first episode's success does make him feel a little pressured and as such, he hopes that the audience can give their fullest support to the series. Reporters ask Kevin if he thinks that Burning Flame III can break the ratings of Jewel in the Palace, in which Kevin says it's too early to tell. Kevin adds that if the series ratings reached 40 points, he would show everyone his pants, subject to the agreement of the rest of the cast. He explains that he is the only one who wears "weird" clothes!

Following Kevin's remarks of showing off his pants, reporters asked Myolie if she will wear a bikini to celebrate the high ratings of Burning Flame III. Myolie says, "The whole of Hong Kong has seen my swimming costume, I am only cheering, therefore I will be wearing a skirt." Myolie has yet to appear in the series but she is confident. She explains that everyone has placed a lot of effort in the series, especially the male stars and everyone deserves the glory.

Source: Takungpao with translations by R.E.D @

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