Friday, October 3, 2008

Dance of Passion

Dance of Passion TVB Poster

Bowie Lam as Yim Man Hei
Gigi Lai as Kai Ming Fung
Moses Chan as Sung Tung Sing
Ada Choi as Chiu Yuk
Charmaine Sheh as Ka Chun Fun
Maggie Siu as Su Long Yuet
Kenny Wong as Sung Tung Yeung

Total Episodes: 32
Aired Dates: October 3, 2008. Mondays to Fridays 6pm
Channel: NTV7 (Malaysian Free-to-air TV)

Set in the mid 1900s, in the Loess Plateau of Shanbei region is where the story of two clans - the Yim Clan and the Sung Clan, unfolds.

The whole village had a plague attack and almost wipe off the entire Yim clan, until the Sung clan had arrived and helped them. The Sung clan taught the Yim clan to use gunpowder to ward off the plague. The Sung clan also taught the Yim clan ways to make fireworks. This caused the Yim clan to be indebted to the Sung clan. The Yim clan elders issue an edict that the Yim clan will always care for members of the Sung clan come what may.

All this change when the Yim Clan has a new leader - Yim Man Hei. The Yim clan has always viewed upon the Sungs as parasites and wished to evict them from their land (and yet stay true to the ancestors decree). Thus begins the various plots and struggle of the two clans to live on the land.


nikkie said...

Yay... I missed this when it was aired earlier. Now I get to watch it! I heard its good, but not as good as War and Beauty... no?

admin said...

I can't say which of the two series is better as I haven't seen either one of them. Maybe the other readers here can share?