Monday, July 6, 2009

Burning Flame 3

Burning Flame 3 TVB Drama Astro on Demand

Wong Hei as Chung Yau Sing
Kevin Cheng as Cheuk Pak Yue
Bosco Wong as Fong Lei On
Myolie Wu as Ko Wai Ying
Aimee Chan as Wong Sin Bo
Matthew Ko
Elaine Yiu
Stephen Wong
Leanne Li
Helen Ma
Sam Chan

Total Episodes: 32 episodes
Aired Dates: July 6 to August 15, 2009
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 9.30pm
Channel: Astro Channel 921

The third installment of Burning Flame is finally set to air. Similar to its predecessors, Burning Flame 3 tells the story of a group of firefighters who strive to protect the safety and well-beings of the citizens of Hong Kong. They work in extreme conditions to rescue victims and through these trying times, the beauty of human nature shines through.

The leader of the group of firemen, Chung Yau Sing, encouraged Fong Lei On to take up the challenge and join the team. Lei On gets to know Cheuk Pak Yue, who was once buddies with Yau Sing but has since drifted apart due to a misunderstanding. Lei On sides with Yau Sing and as a result, his relationship with Pak Yue suffers. Lei On believes that Pak Yue has stolen Yau Sing's girlfriend, Ko Wai Ying and also caused Yau Sing serious injuries.

However, a terrible fire accident draws the team together in a twist of fate. The team of firefighters reflect and search for a deeper sense of awareness among themselves.


Anonymous said...

i have wait this drama for almost a year since last year june (say still filming)

now iw atched 5 episod

what i felt is very disappointed...
if wanna compared back to BF and BF2
this third want is totally piece of crap...

my patient to watch this drama for a year was wasted for this result...

sad with BF3

utno_hk said...

Really?? i have watched the first and the third! and I totally love both of themmmmmmmm!!I really love the characters of Kevin and Bosco and Many cases in BF3 are really touch meeeeee!!!