Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gallen Lo will plan wedding after Born Rich wraps

Gallen Lo was spotted at the Peak Galleria for the filming of new TVB mega production, Born Rich. Gallen reveals that once filming for this drama wraps up, he will start the preparation for his wedding, with China actress, Sophie Xu. However, Gallen adds that he is not sure if the wedding will be held this year or next.

Gallen Lo and Sophie Su
Gallen Lo with Soon-to-be wife, Sophie Xu

Gallen is still very much a private person and doesn't reveal much about his impending wedding. He says, "as for relationships, I have always kept it low when dealing with it, but this time for my wedding, I do want to make it big. As far as what will be done, I will have to do some discussions first." When probed by reporters further, Gallen refuses to answer nor comment about certain rumours including one which alleged that Sophie was once married to the director for the Beijing Olympic Games. He also refuses to comment if he and Sophie has a good/strong relationship, merely asking reporters to respect his privacy.

Gallen shares that he has never imagined that co-stars Nancy Sit's health was not good as she has always been lively on set. Gallen says, "I am really impressed with Nancy's liveliness, hope that she will get well soon!"

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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