Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nancy Sit rushed to the hospital

Star of The Silver Chamber of Sorrows, Nancy Sit was rushed to the hospital. She was originally scheduled to film a scene for Born Rich, but due to this sudden turn of events, filming has been put on hold. Nancy had previously undergone surgery for her gall bladder and intestines.

Co -star, Anita Yuen hopes that Nancy get well soon. "Sister Nancy and I have many scenes together. She plays my mother and I hope she gets well soon. I dont think it will affect the filming schedule too much, we can film other scenes first. I called Nancy Sit but her assistant picked up. Just let her rest for now,"she explains.

Ray Lui also expresses that Nancy should take good care of herself before resuming filming. Kenix Kwok had also visited Nancy earlier to check on her.

Source: Jing-Mui @ Asianfanatics.net

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