Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gallen Lo engaged with Sophie Su

Born Rich actor, Gallen Lo recently announced his engagement with Mainland China's actress Sophie Su. The couple was engaged in a simple ceremony in Sophie's hometown, Beijing on January 30th.

Gallen Lo and Sophie Su

Gallen, 46 and Sophie, 34 will be walking down the aisle later this year. The wedding will also be held in Beijing. Gallen shares that after the filming for Born Rich has wrapped up, he will be moving to Beijing to start his new family.

The couple met when they were both filming an EEG sponsored series, Beautiful Finale. Gallen and Sophie play a married couple in the series and as fate would have it, their on-screen romance was transferred to real-life.

A very excited Gallen describes this union as one arranged by the heavens. Gallen also shares what he sees in his new bride, "I finally was able to find someone who I could communicate with and has the same thinking as me".

This will be the first marriage for Sophie but the second marriage for Gallen. Gallen was previously married to Fong Man Yee and they have a son together.

Source: Oriental Daily, Takungpao with translations by aZnangel @

Note: Born Rich was previously known as The Grand Entrepreneur.

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