Friday, January 30, 2009

Halina Tam gives out lucky red packets

Halina Tam, who starred in drama series such as Sweetness in the Salt and A Journey called Life was in TVB Studios recently to distribute angpows (lucky red packets) in conjunction with the Lunar New Year. A reporter asked Halina if she reduced the amount placed in the angpows this year due to the global economy slowdown but Halina denied. Halina said, "No, because I have someone who is very wealthy to support me, my husband even helps to put the money inside the angpows for me." Halina shared that she gave out 200 angpows within one hour on the first day of Chinese New Year. She also disclosed that the total amount she spend on angpows last year was HKD 40,000 and the figure increased this year although it has not breached the 6-figure mark.

Halina Tam Siu Wan

Reporters asked Halina if she considered having a baby to re-coup the money she spend but Halina said she is leaving that thought in a corner for the time being. She revealed that she enjoys spending time with her husband. Having said that, Halina also wished that she would be able to film a TV series this year.

Source:Oriental Daily with translations by dragon888@AsianVN

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