Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sweetness in the Salt

Sweetness in the Salt TVB Drama Astro on demand

Steven Ma as Nip Chi Yuen
Tavia Yeung Yi as Tau Sing Suet
Raymond Wong as Wu Ding Hin
Kwok Fung as Wu Kin
Halina Tam
Joel Chan
Ram Tseung
Mary Hon

Total Episodes: 25 Episodes
Aired Dates: January 5, 2009 to February 6, 2009
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 8.30pm
Channel: Astro 901

Nip Chi Yuen pretends to be a down-and-out scholar so that he can crack down on salt smuggling. He is actually working in an anti-smuggling camp and his main target is Tau's Fort, which is the stronghold for salt smugglers.

Tau Sing Suet, the daughter of Tau's chief, met Chi Yuen and pities him. She puts him up in their village. During an anti-smuggling operation, Sing Suet was hurt and lost contact with Chi Yuen and her family. But she was saved by Wu Ding Hin, the son of a salt merchant Wu Kin. Ding Hin takes care of her and brings her home.

One day, Sing Suet was shocked to see her parents dead bodies hanging on the walls of the city tower. Sing Suet is even more shocked to see Chi Yuen standing next to her parents' bodies. Chi Yuen is an official and is warning the citizens on the repercussions of smuggling. From that moment on, Sing Suet hates Chi Yuen.

Ding Hin gets Sing Suet a job in their family owned salt company. Sing Suet is touched by Ding Hin's kindness and devotes herself entirely to her job. Ding Hin gradually falls in love with Sing Suet, but he has a terminal illness which is holding him back from professing his love to her.

Sing Suet's real identity was exposed when her uncle came looking for her. Ding Hin tries to protect Sing Suet from being sent to the gallows so he proposed to her.

Source: Astro on Demand

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