Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Journey Called Life

TVB A Journey Called LifeI've just finished watching TVB's A Journey called Life, starring Steven Ma and Linda Chung. As the title suggest, this series is about life and it aims to be an inspiration of sort to viewers. This series is one of those that comes with a community message attached to it. The themes explored are related somehow to the norms and taboo of society - teenage pregnancies, single motherhood, abortion, greed, broken families, importance of family support, among others.
A Journey Called Life tells the story of Ka Ka (Linda Chung) whose mother had passed away when she was a little girl. She lived with her real father and stepmother (who has 4 other children). She hates her stepmom and vice versa. One day, she discovered that her late mother's ashes are missing and went around searching for the ashes at numerous stone factory. She finally found them at Kam Shek Kei, a stone factory owned by Fatty Boss (Kent Cheng).

Fatty Boss has a disciple named Onn Boy (Steven Ma). Fatty Boss and Onn Boy are kind hearted and they are always available to lend a hand to Ka Ka. Eventually, Onn Boy and Ka Ka develop feelings for each other.

Onn Boy has 2 younger sisters, the elder one is Sum (Fala Chen), who is very materialistic, money-minded and power hungry and the younger, Yee - who unexpectedly got pregnant and shocked the family with her actions.

Watch how these characters' lives intertwined, and how each character's story unfold. Were the decisions made correct, or wrong? But then again, what is deemed correct by society may not be what's best for the character. You be the judge.

This series actually surprises me, it is actually quite entertaining and there aren't many draggy bits. Steven Ma and Linda Chung have good chemistry, as does Steven and Kent Cheng. The bond shared by these two characters and wonderful and I love seeing Kent Cheng back in action. The supporting casts (Mary Hon, Raymond Cho) are excellent too. Definitely worth watching.

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