Monday, November 10, 2008

Linda Chung has her eyes on HKD 4.7 million jewellery set

Earlier we wrote about the preparations by some artists for TVB's Anniversary Awards night. Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Sonija Kwok and Selena Li were busy selecting jewelleries and dresses. Now Linda Chung has joined the fray. Linda was spotted trying on 3 sets of diamonds worth over HKD 10 million. But those HKD 10 million babies aren't her favourite. She has her eyes on a set which is priced at HKD 4.7 million. This set apparently has "younger and hotter" looking diamonds. Linda also revealed that she will attend both the Anniversary Awards Night as well as the Anniversary Gala.

Linda Chung

Linda explained that she has been in the entertainment circle for 4 years now, and each year, she is filming around anniversary time. Luckily for her, this year she has just finished filming so she has the time to dress up and prepare for the awards night. Responding to reports that Tavia doesn't mind wearing plunging necklines, Linda said she too doesn't mind dressing more revealingly if she can be sexy and beautiful.

Linda Chung

Linda said she saw a huge diamond and intends to get one, having never bought herself any diamond before. However, she admits that her mother has bought her a sapphire as well as prepared many wedding accessories for her. Linda explained, "My mom already prepared 'dragon/phoenix bracelet' and other little diamonds for me when I get married because I thought that I would get married when I was 21 or 22 years old." She also said that her mother is pressuring her to settle down but she is reluctant to do so. She admits that seeing her career improving year by year is very rewarding and wishes to focus on her career at the moment. Linda also revealed that there's someone from within the entertainment circle who is wooing her, but she doesn't wish to get involved with someone within the circle so she will not accept that person.

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Dora said...

Wonder whether that "someone" is Raymond? ;p

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admin said...

LOL... I'm sure many Raylinda fans will be hoping that's true but well, we don't know! ;)