Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bosco Wong vows to work harder

Bosco Wong participated in the recording for Po leung Guk's 130 years of Charity together with singers Eric Suen, Hins Cheung and JJ. This is Bosco's first participation as a singer and he admitted that he was very nervous.

Bosco WongBosco Wong

The world's economy turmoil has affected everyone regardless of location and status. Alex Fong lamented that the number of jobs he received has reduced in particular during Christmas. Bosco assured fans that he still has quite a number of job offers for the Yuletide Season. In fact, he has to turn down some job offers due to his tight schedule. Most of his jobs are in China, which means he will not be in Hong Kong in November and December. Bosco shared that he wished to get a new camera as a Birthday cum Christmas gift for himself. Bosco said he is interested in property but is cautious due to the unstable economy. He also lost some money in the stocks market and said he has to work harder to recoup his losses.

Source: On.CC with translations by aZnangel @ AsianEU.net

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