Sunday, November 9, 2008

TVB Awards' Nominees busy choosing outfits and accessories

TVB's Anniversary Awards Night is less than a week away. Most TVB artists will be attending the awards night, one of the most important nights of their career. They will choose gorgeous outfits by famed designers, and of course the bling-bling jewellery to match and accompany their stunning outfits. Previously it was reported that Sonija Kwok has already chosen her dress. Let's see who else has been busy choosing dresses and selecting accessories for this important night.

Fala Chen

Fala Chen
Fala Chen is nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She was spotted in Chow Tai Fook Jewellery trying on a set of blings reportedly worth over HKD 2.6 million. Fala expressed that she doesn't have much confidence in snagging the award. In fact, she thinks either Tavia Yeung or Lee Heung Kam will win.

Tavia Yeung Yi

Tavia Yeung
Fala Chen's fellow nominee for Best Supporting Actress and co-star in Moonlight Resonance, Tavia Yeung Yi turned up at Emperor Watch & Jewellery. She reportedly tried on 4 sets of jewellery costing more than HKD 3 million! Tavia is also nominated in the Most Improved Female Artist Category. Tavia expressed her surprise at reports that her fellow nominee, Sharon Chan will not be adorning any jewellery for the prestigious night. Tavia thinks that Lee Heung Kam will pick up the award for Best Supporting Actress while she vows to fight on for the Most Improved Female Artist Award.

Selena Li

Selena Li
Selena Li is a nominee for Most Improved Female Artist. She appeared at Cecilia Yau Couture to choose her outfit for the award night. Selena's choice is a sleeveless, pink dress with a plunging V neckline. Selena says that she doesn't mean to steal the limelight with the plunging neckline, but she thinks that a dress with a V neckline looks extra grand. Selena has been nominated in the same category three times but failed to win in the first 2 years. This year she thinks that Tavia Yeung will win it. Selena doesn't mind not winning as long as she has the support of the audience.

Sonija Kwok

Sonija Kwok
Sonija Kwok has already selected a dress for the awards night. She, a nominee for Best Actress, was at DeBeers to try a set of jewellery from their Milla range which includes necklaces, ring, earrings and watch. This extravagant set is reportedly worth HKD 20 million boasting a total of 131 carats of diamond! Sonija pledges her support for Lee Si Kei and Michelle Yim and said it is difficult for her to choose one.

Source: MingPao with translation by, On.CC with translation by Selena's Fansource


sugar said...

Ooo. Selena looks pretty there. :) Everyone is trying diamond necklaces on for TVB Anniversary! <3 Cannot wait for it!

admin said...

I guess diamond is the best and most eye catching rock. I can't believe that Sonija's set of jewels are 131 carats!

I hope they are insured, can't help but wonder what will happen if the jewels are stolen :O