Monday, November 10, 2008

Bernice Liu suports Moses Chan for Best Actor

Bernice Liu

Bernice Liu attended an event recently with her pet dog, Bailey. She revealed that she has been writing a book for Bailey and the book will be published sometime around Christmas. The book aims to help children with Down's Syndrome and is available in 2 versions - English and Chinese. Her parents will also be helping her with this charitable project.

Bernice Liu

Bernice explained that she doesn't have the time to pursue a Veterinary license although when she was in college, she did toy with the idea of pursuing medicine. Bernice is a nominee in the Best Supporting Actress category for this year's TVB Anniversary Awards. Moses Chan, her rumoured boyfriend, is a Best Actor nominee. Bernice admits that she will be rooting for Moses, but the competition this year is intense. She wishes all nominees good luck.

Source: Takungpao, Oriental Daily with translation by aZnangel @


Dora said...

Not sure when Bernice will win but i root for her too! So impressed by her acting, singing, dancing...

TVB Awards 2008

admin said...

She's nominated for her role in Wasabi Mon Amour which I think she did alright. Too bad there's stronger candidates this year.