Sunday, October 5, 2008

TVB banking on Gigi Lai?

Gigi Lai is currently on a sabbatical, managing her brother's business as well as caring for him. Earlier this year, she mad an announcement that she'll stay away from showbiz for a year. But guess what? She's back.

Well, at least to help TVB with the promo of her latest drama series, The Gem of Life. TVB has also extended it's invitation to Gigi to film another mega-production with them, details of which were not divulged.

With this invitation, Gigi's status as one of TVB's top fa dans is secured. TVB"s another favourite fa dan is Charmaine Sheh. But of late, Charmaine is embroiled in the supposed love triangle with Kevin Cheng and Nikki Chow thus impacting her flawless image. It was reported that Virginia Lok personally approached Gigi for the new role.

Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh
Undated Photo: Gigi and Charmaine - battling it out for the top fa dan spot

Gigi and Charmaine has been constantly vying for the top fa dan spot in TVB. This "rivalry" or theirs began way back in 2005 with the series Dance of Passion.

Source: AsianFanatics

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