Saturday, October 4, 2008

Myolie denies turning to singing to compensate for lack of recognition in acting

Myolie Wu

Myolie Wu was at a radio station for an interview as well as to promote her new single, Single Holiday. Her new album is scheduled for release in November 2008.

Myolie shares that she is now busy recording songs as well as being involved in the promotional activities. She will also start filming a new martial arts series soon so she has to allocate some time to practice her martial arts moves.

Responding to reports that the reason she turned to singing was a result of her being dropped from the race for Best Actress, Myolie clarified, "that's not the case. Doing both (acting and singing) together. It doesn't mean that having no part in one of them means having to give up. I will continue to do my job, plus I still have a long contract with the company."

Source: Myolie Wu Forum

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