Sunday, October 5, 2008

On the First Beat

On the First Beat TVB Poster

On the First Beat is the direct sequel to The Academy. On the First Beat continues with the story of Chung Lap Man and Lee Pak Kiu after they graduated from the Police Academy.

Ron Ng as Chung Lap Man
Sammul Chan as Lee Pak Kiu
Michael Tao as Cheung King Fung
Sonija Kwok as Yuen Wai Nei (Winnie)
Joey Yung as Cheung Nim Yan
Florence Kwok as Tong Jing Nga
Chin Ka Lok as Ken Kuk
Kate Tsui as Man Jing

Guest Cast:
Tavia Yeung as Ho Fa
Fiona Sit as Ma Oi Lam
Michael Miu as Lee Man Sing
Michelle Yim as Chan Yin Ting
Matthew Ko as Lo Yan Chak
Salena Li as Yip Ling Fung

Total Episodes: 30
Aired Dates: September 30, 2008. Mondays to Fridays 9.30pm
Channel: Wah Lai Toi, Astro 311

After undergoing months of intensive training at the Police Academy, Man and Pak Kiu are now Police Constables. During a police operation, Pak Kiu's girlfriend, Oi Lam was killed. Pak Kiu has troubles accepting his tragic loss. At the same time, his friendship with Man suffered and they had a falling out.

Leading the troop this time is newly appointed Sergeant, Cheung Kin Fung. Kin Fung goes a long way back with Pak Kiu's father, Man Sing and Ken Kuk.

Join these tight-group of police officers as they embark on a journey that test their mental and physical strength. Can they combat crimes and deal with their personal conflict at the same time? Watch and find out!

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