Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Steven Ma celebrated birthday with 3 cakes

Steven Ma celebrated his 37th birthday on Sunday (October 26). Steven worked on his birthday in the studio, filming Dogs on the Beat. What he did not know was Kara Hui, Helen Ma and the film crew planned a surprise party for him. Kara and Helen were filming Wives and Concubines. Linda Chung, his co-star in Dogs on the Beat, as well as the film crew also bought two cakes to celebrate Steven's birthday. As such, Steven has a total of 3 cakes on his birthday! Steven was touched by his friends thoughtful gestures.

Steven Ma and Linda Chung

Steven said his birthday wish this year was for Hong Kong's economy to improve. Although Steven does not dabble in stocks, he felt that the worsening economy will affect everyone. He hopes that everyone in the world will be able to live a better life.

Source: Mingpao
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