Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kevin Cheng and Fala Chen promote Samsung phones

Kevin Cheng and Fala Chen attended a promo event for Samsung's Anycall Omnia i908 phone. Both Kevin and Fala confessed that they do not keep private information and photographs in their mobile phones as it is risky. They also disclose that they won't use the real names of their artists' friends in the phone book and would instead use nicknames. This is a safety measure in case they lost their phones or their phones are stolen. Fala jokingly said, "Sometimes I even got messed up with the nicknames that I forgot which person was that."

Kevin Cheng and Fala Chen

Kevin confessed that in the past 6 months, the has changed 3 sets of mobile phones. "Because I was always sweating,when filming for Burning Flame 3 I often got wet, thus the lifespan of my cellphones were short," explained Kevin. Kevin revealed that he once splurged on a HKD 10,000 phone back when mobile phones were not popular yet. However, that exorbitant phone was lost in a taxi. Kevin said, "When I found out I lost my phone when alighting, I chased the taxi. Unfortunately, the chase was unsuccessful."

Source: Mingpao
Original Translation: MC @ MediaChamber.net

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