Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jessica Hsuan is not included in TVB's 2009 Calendar

Jessica Hsuan Huen will not be taking part in TVB's 2009 calendar shooting. In a message left for fans on her Bravenet Forum, Jessica said it was because of some contract issues.

I'm producing Jessica's message here, verbatim.

Name: Jessica
Date Posted: Oct 6, 08 - 10:44 PM
Hi Cute Little Piglet,
Sorry to let you know that this year will be my first time not taking part in the calendar shooting. Reason is because my contract with TVB will be expiring in January and I haven't had time to discuss with them about renewing my contract. They have asked me 4 times already, but I wanted to wait till I finish shooting. The past 4 months have been too tiring. Would rather concentrate on shooting. Therefore their decision is normal. A very common case. I was not invited to the TVB Anniversary Lighting Ceremony for the same reason. This is TVB.

Hope I haven't disappointed you all. :)


Source: Jessica's Bravenet Forum


Solki [aznbluelover] said...

omg, i felt bad for Jessica, no wonder why i didn't see her in the tvb anniversary show :( hope she didn't keep that in mind, tvb sux! people only knew to watch new series, but they doesn't even know what happen inside tvb, haiz, felt so sorry for jessica!

Anonymous said...

TVB drama very good... i luv it, but why their management seems very realistic? And never think others ppl feeling...?? Jessica is so long work with TVB with sincerely and hard working... but now can treat her like this?

admin said...

@ Shantell: You will be glad to know that Jessica will be filming a new TVB drama called Pearl on the Palm.